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Galaxy Gas Distributor Information


Here at Galaxy Gas, we can supply our branded Whipped Cream Chargers, Tanks, and Dispensers straight to your franchise! Our supreme quality Whipped Cream Tanks and Chargers contain the highest-quality nitrous oxide and are finished in a lustrous zinc coating – making Galaxy Gas products the perfect accessory for any kitchen or home.

Not only do we get supplies directly from credible manufacturers, but we have volume license agreements with distribution rights in the United States, which means we guarantee the most affordable prices possible with quality preserved in the process.

We are looking to appoint selected distributors nationwide and on a state, county, or city basis. Presently, Galaxy Gas does not offer worldwide shipping. Our products offer industry-leading quality, and with our budget-friendly pricing structure, customer appeal has been in high demand!

As a distributor, you have exclusive, consistent access to Galaxy Gas stock, which is available in pallets and containers. Wholesale pallet orders start at one pallet and can be modified to accommodate your business needs and preferences.


Distributors must be active in the food and beverage business sector.

Distributors must be currently registered with your government tax departments and be able to provide the registration details for invoice purposes.

Galaxy Gas will only consider your application for a distributorship after you have sent us your due diligence documents for approval, which should comprehensively detail all the checks and balances you use when reselling.


Distributor opportunities with Galaxy Gas are available only in the United States of America, until further notice.