Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipe: Rich Lobster Soup with Lobster Foam

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipe - Rich Lobster Soup with Lobster Foam

Are you craving a rich lobster soup but can’t afford to dine in a high-end restaurant? We are here to help you make a rich lobster soup from scratch and decadent lobster foam. Making soup from real whole lobsters is a true luxury, as it requires a lot of time and dedication. 

This amazing Lobster soup is rich, creamy, and delicious. It is loaded with the goodness of fresh lobsters in every bite. The soup is undeniably luxurious and makes a special treat for special occasions. With the help of a Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser, you can whip up a sophisticated, light, and creamy lobster foam. The foam is made from homemade lobster soup and is full of the sweet, indulging taste of fresh lobsters.

Serve it as a heavenly entrée or a starter; you will never regret making it. Making the homemade lobster soup is a tedious task, and it is quite expensive too. But still, making lobster soup from scratch at home saves many bucks that fancy restaurants charge for this dish. It is so rich, velvety smooth, and flavorful that you will be satisfied. If you are still reluctant to try this rich lobster soup and foam, go ahead and give it a try this weekend.

Galaxy Gas Recipes: Quick Info



Cook time

1 Hour


30 Minutes


4-6 Servings


Galaxy Gas Recipes: Ingredients

  • Live lobsters – 2 kilograms
  • Chopped carrots – 1 ½ cup
  • Celery stalk – 2 cups
  • Onion – 1 ½ cups – chopped
  • Garlic cloves – 2 – crushed
  • Fresh Tarragon – 3 tablespoons
  • Fresh Thyme – 1 ½ tablespoon
  • Whiskey – ½ cup
  • Tomato paste – ½ cup
  • Cayenne pepper – 1 teaspoon
  • Sherry – 1 ½ cup
  • Mollusk or shrimp broth – 3 cups
  • White rice – ½ cup
  • Sour cream – ¼ cup
  • Kosher salt – ¾ teaspoon
  • Olive oil – 2 ½ tablespoons
  • Lobster soup – 3 cups
  • Paprika powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Whole milk – ½ cup
  • Xanthan gum – 1 gram
  • Albumin – 10 grams
  • Lobster meat
  • Brioche slices – as required
  • Leek – 3 cups
  • Mustard sprouts
  • Tropaeolum majus leaves
  • Coriander oil

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Steps

  1. Boil water in a large pot and add all lobsters to it. Let them boil for four minutes or until they become bright red.
  2. Fill a large bowl with ice cubes.
  3. With the help of tongs, take out the lobsters from hot water and place them over ice. Don’t throw the water in which you cooked the lobsters.
  4. Now grab a sharp knife or nutcracker to separate the lobster meat from the shells. Twist off the claws, crack the joints and separate the tails.
  5. Meanwhile, reserve the liquid that leaks from the lobsters. It will make the dish more flavorful.
  6. Extract all the lobster meat from their tails and reserve it for later use. Discard the black intestinal vein. Chop the lobster meat and set it aside.
  7. Heat a large saucepan over medium heat and add olive oil.
  8. Saute the carrots, garlic, onion, celery, and herbs in the hot oil for five minutes.
  9. Add the reserved lobster meat to the pan.
  10. Pour in the whiskey and reserved lobster liquid in the pan and let everything cook for six minutes.
  11. Add the cayenne pepper and tomato paste. Cook the soup for four more minutes.
  12. Lastly, add the mollusk or shrimp broth, 1 cup lobster cooking water, and sherry. Bring the soup to a boil, and let it simmer for at least one hour. Cover the saucepan.
  13. Strain the soup in a triple mesh sieve while extracting all the liquid.
  14. Wash the saucepan or use a new one for cooking rice in the strained soup.
  15. The rice will take 30 to 50 minutes to become very soft and mushy.
  16. Pulse the soup in a blender and pass through a sieve, squeezing as much of the soup as you can.
  17. Add sour cream to the soup, and pour it again in the same pot.
  18. Bring it to a simmer and season with salt and pepper. Your rich lobster soup is ready.
  19. Blend 3 cups of lobster soup with milk, paprika powder, albumin, and xanthan gum for one minute.
  20. Pour this lobster soup mixture into a Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser through a sieve and funnel.
  21. Charge with one Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Charger and shake well.
  22. Place in sous vide machine or a bain-marie at 160 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.
  23. Preheat some oil in a frying pan and fry the lobster tail meat (placed in the refrigerator). After 30 seconds, flip the side of the meat. Add fresh herbs if you desire.
  24. Grill the sliced leek to soften it and keep it aside.
  25. Toast the brioche slices until golden brown.
  26. To serve the soup, pour it into serving bowls.
  27. Place the lobster meat, brioche, and leek on a serving plate.
  28. Decorate with Traperolum Majus leaves, coriander oil, and mustard sprouts.
  29. Dispense the lobster foam from the Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser and serve.
  30. You can serve this plate as a starter without the soup bowl. Or serve the soup without the plate as an appetizer. The whole dish will make a luxurious dinner for winter and festive season.