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Galaxy Gas Solutions FAQ

document What is a Whipped Cream Charger?

 A Whipped Cream Charger is a stainless steel cartridge filled with nitrous oxide (N2O) gas. Nitrous Oxide is a gas that helps cream, as well as other ingredients, form into a frothy, whipped state upon dispensing. Compared to traditional whipping by hand, whipped cream chargers are able to increase the volume of whipped cream by 4x. The narrow end of a whipped cream charger contains a foil covering that is broken to release the gas prior to dispensing. This will occur upon inserting your charger into your whipped cream dispenser. Typically, these cylinders contain 2mm steel walls to encapsulate the N2O gas and withstand the high pressure upon dispense. An average whipped cream charger contains 8 grams of N2O under pressure and is non-refillable. However, an advantage of these whipped cream chargers is that they are 100% recyclable and can be donated to any steel recycling programs nearest to you!

document How Do I Use a Whipped Cream Charger and Dispenser?

After finding a recipe that stands out to you, grab your dispenser and chargers and place them on a flat surface.

  1. Take apart your dispenser and clean all the parts with cold water and a small brush.
  2. Once you’ve cleaned your dispenser, towel dry all the components before assembling the dispenser back together.
  3. Take the head of your dispenser and screw it off of the container.
  4. Using your desired ingredients, pour them into the bottle or reservoir.
  5. Screw the head of your dispenser back onto the container.
  6. Take 1 whipped cream charger and insert it into your charger holder.
  7. Twist the charger holder onto the pin of your dispenser until you hear the gas begin to release.
  8.  You should hear a subtle hissing sound during this part.
  9. Shake the dispenser to mix the N2O gas with your ingredients. (Around 15-25 shakes)
  10. Turn your dispenser upside down with the tip facing an empty bowl and press the lever to begin dispensing your foam or whipped cream.
  11. If the dispenser does not release foam with the consistency you desire, shake your dispenser again for an additional 5-10 shakes.
  12. Once the dispenser is producing foam or whipped cream of your desired consistency and texture, you’re ready to garnish or infuse any dish or beverage!
document How Many Whipped Cream Chargers Do I Need?

On average, recipes call for 1 whipped cream charger. However, if you have to make adjustments to your recipe to serve larger crowds, modify the amount of cartridges you need to accommodate to your guests. Always follow your recipe’s instructions and guidelines when using whipped cream chargers and dispensers to infuse or garnish desserts, dishes, or beverages!

document Which Brand of Whipped Cream Chargers and Dispensers Should I Purchase From?

As of the recent years, the market for whipped cream chargers and dispensers has seen a massive influx in demand. To keep up with the demand, many brands have made a presence in this industry to provide whipped cream and infusion products at affordable prices in large quantities. Though this may seem like a wise marketing tactic to the common eye, there can be great fallacies with this process. Due to lower price brackets and mass quantities of production, it may be hard to determine that these products are coming from credible, trustworthy manufacturers.

However, Galaxy Gas takes proper measures to ensure that all of our products are top-of-the-line, compliant to FDA standards, and produced exclusively for culinary purposes. Galaxy Gas takes special precautions to ensure that abuse of these products is not in our line of sight. Additionally, Galaxy Gas selects manufacturers with extended tenure in this industry to make certain that expertise and proper knowledge goes behind the creation and production for all of our products.

document Is the Use of Whipped Cream Chargers and Dispensers Dangerous?

If you use these products correctly and appropriately, there are no dangers that arise when using whipped cream chargers and dispensers. When using these products, Galaxy Gas Solutions highly suggests that you keep a cautious distance between yourself and a released whipped cream charger for proper safety while in the kitchen.

The misuse of N2O is extremely dangerous, detrimental to your health, and illegal. Not under any circumstances should you inhale the gas released from these chargers and dispensers.


Whipped Cream Chargers and Dispensers are produced for culinary purposes ONLY.

Product Inquiries

document What sizes of nitrous oxide canisters do you offer?

We offer 8g chargers, .6L,1L,  1.2L, 2.2L, and 3.3L tanks.

document Are your chargers compatible with all whipped cream dispensers?

We’d prefer you to use Galaxy Gas whipped cream dispensers for your best dessert-making experience but our chargers are compatible with most whipped cream dispensers.

document Do you sell in bulk quantities for commercial use?

We do provide a wholesale option for bulk orders. Here’s how to reach our wholesale department. (

document What is the process for refilling or exchanging Galaxy Gas canisters?
  • Thank you for your inquiry regarding the refilling or exchanging of Galaxy Gas canisters. We would like to emphasize that, as a policy, we do not offer any refilling services for our canisters under any circumstances.

Regarding exchanges, we will only consider exchanges for canisters that were damaged prior to use, provided that sufficient proof of damage is provided. This process aligns with our commitment to product quality and safety standards.

For further details on our refund policy and the specific steps involved in processing an exchange due to damage, please refer to our official refund policy document, available on our website.

We appreciate your understanding and adherence to these policies, which are in place to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer service team for assistance.

Thank you for choosing Galaxy Gas.

document Is Galaxy Gas for me?

Thanks for your inquiry,

Our products are strictly intended for culinary purposes, and we do not condone any other uses. It's designed for infusing cocktails, making delightful whipped cream, enhancing mashed potatoes, and various other culinary applications. If you have any more questions related to these culinary uses or need assistance with any culinary applications, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help you make the most of your culinary experiences.

document What’s the Difference between Galaxy Gas and Gastronomy?
  • Gastronomy is a product made by Galaxy Gas, it's our affordable low cost brand, this brand provides only one flavor.
  • Galaxy Gas is our flagship brand coming in 8 wonderful flavors, like Watermelon Lemonade, Strawberry Cream, or Blueberry Mango just to name a few.
document How do I know if my tank is empty or full?

The best way to check if your Galaxy Gas tank is empty or full is to apply the Galaxy Gas Regulator and check the gauges to see if there are any changes in air pressure. If there are readings then gas is being released from the tank if not the tank is empty. Also you may twist on the nozzle to expel potential gas. The twist on nozzle is solely for checking the contents of the tanks and is not meant to be used in the consumption or dispensing of Galaxy Gas.

Usage and Safety

document Can you provide instructions on how to use your nitrous oxide chargers?
  • Absolutely, here’s how you do it.  
  • STEP 1: Pour the cream base into the whipped cream dispenser and tightly secure the lid. Place a fresh Galaxy Gas Nitrous Oxide N20 whipped cream charger into the charger with the narrow end facing the mouth of the charger holder.
  • STEP 2: Gently screw on the N2O loaded charger holder onto its allocated space on the lid of the whipped cream dispenser until the N2O charger is punctured.
  • STEP 3: Simply shake the whipped cream dispenser 5 to 7 times to infuse the nitrous oxide N2O into the cream base.
  • STEP 4: Press the lever to dispense the whipped cream onto any delicacy of your choice and enjoy your Galaxy Gas whipped cream!

Also, here’s a YouTube video. Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Demo

document Are there any safety precautions I should be aware of?
  • 1. Read and follow instructions: Carefully read and follow the user manuals and safety guidelines provided by Galaxy Gas for both the whipped cream dispenser and the N2O chargers. 
  • 2. Choose quality ingredients: Use fresh, cold heavy whipping cream with at least 36% fat content and any desired sweeteners. Ensure the cream is not past its expiration date. 
  • 3. Pre-chill the dispenser: Refrigerate your Galaxy Gas dispenser for at least 2 hours before use. Cold equipment helps achieve better whipped cream consistency.
  • 4. Avoid overfilling: Fill the dispenser with cream only up to the recommended maximum fill line specified by Galaxy Gas. Overfilling can lead to excess pressure and potential hazards.
  • 5. Use approved gas chargers: When using Galaxy Gas N2O chargers, ensure you use the correct chargers designed for your dispenser model. Do not use damaged chargers.
  • 6. Secure the dispenser head: Make sure the head of the dispenser is firmly attached to the body, and ensure that the gasket is in good condition and properly seated.
  • 7. Vent safely: After shaking the dispenser to mix the cream and gas, carefully release any excess pressure by slowly venting the gas using the dispenser's lever or valve. Always point the dispenser away from your face and others while venting.
  • 8. Select the right serving tip: Attach the appropriate nozzle or serving tip to the dispenser for your intended effect. Galaxy Gas may offer various tips for different purposes.
  • 9. Maintain cleanliness: Keep your Galaxy Gas dispenser and all its components, including nozzles and gaskets, clean and free from residue. Regular cleaning prevents contamination and clogging.
  • 10. Proper storage: After use, store your Galaxy Gas dispenser in the refrigerator to keep the whipped cream fresh. Remove any gas cartridge if one is inside before storing.
  • 11. Child safety: Whipped cream dispensers and N2O chargers can be hazardous if mishandled. Store them in a secure place, out of the reach of children.
  • 12. Avoid excessive pressure: Never intentionally exceed the recommended pressure limits of the Galaxy Gas dispenser, as it can result in malfunction or rupture.
  • 13. Check charger compatibility: Ensure that the N2O chargers you use are compatible with your specific Galaxy Gas dispenser model. 
  • By following these precautions when using both the Galaxy Gas whipped cream dispenser and their N2O chargers, you can ensure safe and efficient use while enjoying delicious whipped cream. Always exercise caution and handle the equipment and chargers with care.
document Can I use your products for infusion in the kitchen?
  • Yes, our products are strictly intended for culinary purposes, and we do not condone any other uses. It's designed for infusing cocktails, making delightful whipped cream, enhancing mashed potatoes, and various other culinary applications. If you have any more questions related to these culinary uses or need assistance with any culinary applications, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help you make the most of your culinary experiences.
document Can Galaxy Gas be used in a professional kitchen setting, and are there any regulations?
  • Thank you for your inquiry regarding the use of Galaxy Gas (nitrous oxide) in a professional kitchen setting. We would like to provide you with important information regarding this matter.

Usage in Professional Kitchens: Galaxy Gas, being a nitrous oxide product, can be utilized in professional kitchens for various culinary applications such as whipped cream dispensing. However, it is imperative to adhere to certain regulations and guidelines to ensure the safe and compliant use of nitrous oxide in such environments.

Regulations and Guidelines:

  1. Food-Grade Requirement: It is essential to use only food-grade nitrous oxide in professional kitchens. Galaxy Gas cartridges, being of food-grade quality, are suitable for culinary applications.
  2. Storage and Handling: Follow all regulations related to the storage and handling of nitrous oxide. This includes secure storage, proper ventilation, and minimizing the risk of leaks. Ensure that cartridges are stored in accordance with local guidelines.
  3. Training and Compliance: Staff working with nitrous oxide in professional kitchens should be adequately trained on safe handling procedures. Compliance with local health and safety regulations is crucial.
  4. Permits and Documentation: Depending on your location, there may be permits or licenses required for the use of nitrous oxide in professional kitchens. Ensure compliance with all documentation and record-keeping requirements.
  5. Emergency Response Plans: Have a comprehensive emergency response plan in place, outlining protocols for handling accidental releases or exposure to nitrous oxide.

It's important to note that regulations may vary by jurisdiction, and it is recommended to consult with local health departments or relevant regulatory bodies to ensure full compliance with current guidelines.

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our customers, and we encourage responsible and compliant use of Galaxy Gas in professional kitchen environments.

If you have further questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

Thank you for choosing Galaxy Gas.

document What safety measures should be taken when handling nitrous oxide cartridges?

Handling Galaxy Gas cartridges, which contain nitrous oxide, requires careful attention to safety to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of individuals. Here are essential safety measures to follow when handling Galaxy Gas cartridges or similar products:

Read and Follow Instructions:

  • Carefully read and understand the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines provided with the Galaxy Gas cartridges.
  • Adhere to recommended usage and handling procedures specified by the manufacturer.

Use in Well-Ventilated Areas:

  • Use Galaxy Gas cartridges in well-ventilated areas to minimize the risk of inhaling nitrous oxide gas and ensure proper air circulation.

Avoid Direct Contact:

  • Avoid direct skin contact with the cartridges, as they may become cold during use.
  • Use gloves or other protective equipment when handling cartridges.

Store Properly:

  • Store Galaxy Gas cartridges in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • Follow local regulations for the storage of nitrous oxide products.

Do Not Disassemble Cartridges:

  • Do not attempt to disassemble or modify Galaxy Gas cartridges. They are designed for single-use only.
  • Avoid tampering with the cartridges or attempting to extract residual gas.

Secure Storage:

  • Store unused cartridges securely to prevent accidental damage or puncture.
  • Keep cartridges away from sharp objects and potential sources of impact.

Keep Away from Heat Sources:

  • Avoid exposing Galaxy Gas cartridges to high temperatures or open flames, as this could increase the pressure inside the cartridge.

Emergency Preparedness:

  • Be familiar with emergency procedures in case of accidental releases or exposure to nitrous oxide.
  • Have access to safety equipment, such as eyewash stations and emergency exits.

Proper Disposal:

  • Dispose of used cartridges according to local regulations and guidelines.
  • Consider recycling programs if available for nitrous oxide cartridges.

Training and Awareness:

  • Provide training to individuals handling Galaxy Gas cartridges on the proper use, storage, and disposal procedures.
  • Raise awareness among users about the potential risks associated with nitrous oxide and the importance of responsible handling.

Age Restrictions:

  • Adhere to any age restrictions or legal requirements for the purchase and use of nitrous oxide products.
  1. Seek Professional Advice:
  • If in doubt or if specific safety concerns arise, seek advice from safety professionals or the manufacturer.

By following these safety measures, users can help mitigate potential risks associated with handling Galaxy Gas cartridges and ensure a safe working environment. Additionally, staying informed about any updates or changes to safety guidelines is essential for maintaining a proactive safety approach.

document Can nitrous oxide be used in other culinary applications besides whipped cream?
  • Galaxy Gas is an understated yet powerful ally in your culinary arsenal. Nitrous oxide isn't just for whipped cream; it's your secret to effortlessly elevating your kitchen creations with a touch of cosmic finesse.
  • Beyond Whipped Cream: Galaxy Gas takes your culinary game to new heights. Embrace molecular gastronomy with foams, espumas, and textures that redefine the ordinary. Transform familiar dishes into extraordinary experiences with a simple infusion of nitrous oxide.
  • Flavor Fusion at Lightspeed: Need to infuse flavors in a flash? Galaxy Gas accelerates the infusion process. Enhance oils, broths, and cocktails with a burst of taste, allowing you to experiment with unique and bold flavor profiles effortlessly.
  • Feather-Light Mousse and Soufflés: Desserts become a breeze with Galaxy Gas. Add a hint of weightlessness to your mousse and soufflé recipes, achieving indulgent textures that delight the palate without the hassle.
  • Spherification Simplified: Dabble in the avant-garde without the complexity. Galaxy Gas simplifies spherification, allowing you to effortlessly create edible spheres that add an unexpected burst of excitement to your culinary repertoire.
  • Effortless Emulsifications: Make creamy sauces your signature. Galaxy Gas effortlessly aids in stable emulsifications, ensuring your sauces defy gravity and lend a velvety touch to your dishes.
  • 🍨 Toppings That Transcend Whipped Cream: Explore dreamy toppings with minimal effort. Galaxy Gas transforms desserts into subtle works of art, adding sophistication without the need for intricate techniques. It's your shortcut to sublime sweetness.
  • 🍹 Mixology With a Cosmic Twist: Elevate your cocktails with ease. Galaxy Gas introduces a touch of finesse with foams that dance on the palate, giving your mixology creations a subtle, yet impressive, celestial twist.
  • ⚡️ Quick Carbonation—Just Because: Need a little fizz in your life? Galaxy Gas makes carbonation a casual affair. Effervescent beverages and carbonated fruits become a laid-back addition to your culinary repertoire.
  • 🌌 Join the Galaxy Gas Movement—Where Culinary Dreams Take a Stroll: Galaxy Gas is more than a tool; it's an invitation to explore at your own pace. Unearth the subtle magic in your kitchen—because sometimes, the extraordinary lies in the simplicity of Galaxy Gas.
document What are the proper disposal methods for used nitrous oxide cartridges?

The proper disposal of used Galaxy Gas cartridges, which contain nitrous oxide, is essential to ensure environmental responsibility and safety. Here are general guidelines for the disposal of nitrous oxide cartridges:

Empty the Cartridge:

  • Before disposal, ensure that the cartridge is completely empty. Release any remaining gas by depressing the plunger or valve.

Check for Recycling Programs:

  • Investigate whether there are local recycling programs that accept metal cartridges. Some areas have specific recycling options for metal containers, including nitrous oxide cartridges.

Metal Recycling:

  • If there are no specialized programs, contact your local recycling center to inquire if they accept metal cartridges. Metal recycling is a common method for handling empty nitrous oxide cartridges.

Metal Collection Events:

  • Some communities organize metal collection events where residents can bring various metal items, including small metal containers like nitrous oxide cartridges, for recycling.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection:

  • Check if your local municipality conducts household hazardous waste collection events. While the empty cartridges may not be hazardous, they might be accepted at these events for proper disposal.

Dispose of in Regular Waste:

  • If no recycling options are available, and local regulations permit, you may dispose of empty nitrous oxide cartridges in regular household waste. However, check with local authorities to ensure compliance with waste disposal regulations.

Avoid Incineration:

  • Do not incinerate nitrous oxide cartridges, as this can release any remaining traces of gas and may pose safety and environmental risks.
  1. Educate and Encourage Recycling:
  • Promote awareness among users and encourage responsible disposal practices. Educate individuals on the importance of recycling and following proper disposal methods.

Always check local regulations and guidelines for waste disposal, as they may vary by region. It's crucial to follow the specific rules established by your municipality to ensure the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of used Galaxy Gas cartridges. Additionally, if there are any residual traces of nitrous oxide, proper disposal helps prevent potential environmental impacts.

document How should I store nitrous oxide cartridges?

Proper storage of nitrous oxide products, such as Galaxy Gas, is essential to ensure safety and product integrity. Here are some general guidelines for storing nitrous oxide cartridges:

Cool, Dry Location:

  • Store Galaxy Gas cartridges in a cool, dry place. Exposure to high temperatures can potentially increase the pressure inside the cartridges, which may pose safety risks.

Avoid Direct Sunlight:

  • Keep the cartridges away from direct sunlight. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can contribute to increased temperatures and may impact the integrity of the cartridges.


  • Ensure adequate ventilation in the storage area. Good ventilation helps prevent the buildup of any gases that may be released from the cartridges.

Secure Storage:

  • Store unused cartridges securely to prevent accidental damage or puncture. Avoid placing heavy objects on top of the cartridges.

Avoid Contaminants:

  • Keep Galaxy Gas cartridges away from contaminants, chemicals, or substances that could compromise the quality of the nitrous oxide.

Follow Manufacturer's Instructions:

  • Adhere to any specific storage instructions provided by the manufacturer of Galaxy Gas. Manufacturers may provide recommendations tailored to their product.

Check Expiry Dates:

  • Nitrous oxide cartridges may have expiration dates. Check the expiration date on the packaging and avoid using cartridges that have expired.

Keep Out of Reach of Children:

  • Store Galaxy Gas cartridges out of reach of children. The small size of the cartridges makes them a potential choking hazard, and nitrous oxide should only be used by individuals who understand its proper and safe use.

Secure Handling:

  • Handle the cartridges with care to avoid dents, punctures, or other damage that could compromise their integrity.
  1. Do Not Store Near Heat Sources:
  • Avoid storing Galaxy Gas cartridges near heat sources, open flames, or heat-producing appliances. High temperatures can increase the pressure inside the cartridges.

Always follow the specific storage recommendations provided by the manufacturer of Galaxy Gas, as they may have additional details or considerations based on the characteristics of their product. Proper storage is crucial to maintaining the quality and safety of nitrous oxide products.

document Is Galaxy gas safe to use in whipped cream dispensers?

Galaxy Gas is specifically designed and labeled for culinary use, including use in whipped cream dispensers, it is safe for its intended purpose when used in accordance with our manufacturer's instructions. Culinary-grade nitrous oxide, when produced according to food safety standards, is commonly used for whipping cream and other culinary applications.

Here are the updated guidelines for safe use of Galaxy Gas in whipped cream dispensers:

Check the Label:

  • Ensure that Galaxy Gas is labeled for culinary or food-grade use. Products explicitly designed for culinary applications, like whipping cream, are typically manufactured with the necessary quality standards to meet food safety requirements.

Follow Manufacturer's Instructions:

  • Adhere strictly to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of Galaxy Gas. This includes guidelines for using the product in whipped cream dispensers, as well as recommendations for storage and handling.

Use Only as Directed:

  • Use Galaxy Gas exclusively for its intended culinary purpose as specified by the manufacturer. Do not use it for non-culinary or recreational purposes.

Verify Whipped Cream Dispenser Compatibility:

  • Confirm that the whipped cream dispenser you are using is compatible with Galaxy Gas regulators or chargers and adheres to safety guidelines. Different dispensers may have specific recommendations for gas cartridges.

Purchase from Reputable Sources:

  • Obtain Galaxy Gas or similar products from reputable and authorized suppliers to ensure the quality and safety of the product.
  1. Store and Handle Safely:
  • Follow proper storage guidelines for Galaxy Gas to maintain its stability and safety. Handle the cartridges with care, avoiding actions that could potentially damage them.

Always prioritize safety and strictly adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations when using nitrous oxide for culinary purposes. If you have any specific questions about the safety or proper use of Galaxy Gas, consider reaching out directly to the manufacturer for detailed instructions and information.

Order and Shipping

document How do I place an order on your website?
  • This is the fun part. 
  1. Go to our website → Galaxy Gas
  2. Browse products you like 
  3. When you’re ready to purchase add the products to your Cart
  4. Your cart will be available for you to edit and can be seen in the top right corner
  5. In your cart, you can confirm your order is to your liking, and then you will agree to the terms and services before proceeding to checkout.
  6. Next, you will choose your payment method and provide your billing and shipping information.
  7. After all that, you’ll confirm everything is correct and soon your desserts will be out of this world!
document What is the shipping cost and delivery time?
  • We’re currently offering free shipping when you spend over $100 but otherwise shipping costs are standard pricing. Our free shipping over $100 is a flat rate 2-day shipping process.
  • Expedited shipping will cost more depending on location and desired timeliness. 
document Do you offer international shipping?
  • Currently, we only offer our services domestically. We unfortunately do not offer international shipping. 
  • All 48 contingent states, we do not offer shipping to Hawaii or Alaska. 
document Do we have a local store front?

Currently we do not have a local store front

document When will my package ship or what is the status of my order?

Thanks for your inquiry, currently a Galaxy Gas customer service representative will be able to assist you on your logistical needs such as order details, order processing, shipping and delivery status. We hope to have this process fully automated soon to provide our Galaxy Gas customers with 24 hour customer service and logistical updates to provide a premium experience.

Quality Assurance

document Are your nitrous oxide products food-grade?
  • At Galaxy Gas, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Our nitrous oxide products are manufactured and labeled to meet stringent food-grade standards. We understand the importance of using high-quality ingredients in culinary applications.
  • Our commitment to quality assurance ensures that our nitrous oxide products are suitable for use in food preparation, including whipped cream dispensers and other culinary applications. You can be at ease knowing that our products are designed to meet or exceed industry standards for food-grade quality.
document Do you conduct quality testing on your products?
  • all tanks are ultrasonically cleaned, after filling all tanks sit for 5 days to ensure they aren’t leaking. 
document What is the difference between food-grade and industrial-grade nitrous oxide?

The primary difference between food-grade and industrial-grade nitrous oxide lies in their intended applications, purity levels, and the manufacturing processes. Here's an overview of the distinctions between the two:

Intended Applications:

  • Food-Grade Nitrous Oxide: This type is specifically manufactured for use in the food and beverage industry. It is intended for culinary applications, such as whipping cream, creating foams, and other food-related uses.
  • Industrial-Grade Nitrous Oxide: Industrial-grade nitrous oxide is designed for non-food applications. It may be used in industrial processes, such as welding, pharmaceutical manufacturing, or other applications where purity requirements are less stringent than in the food industry.

Purity Levels:

  • Food-Grade Nitrous Oxide: Food-grade nitrous oxide must meet strict purity standards defined by food safety regulations. It typically has a higher level of purity, with fewer impurities and contaminants. The production process is carefully controlled to ensure it is suitable for consumption.
  • Industrial-Grade Nitrous Oxide: While industrial-grade nitrous oxide is still of high purity, it may have a slightly lower level of purity compared to the food-grade counterpart. This is because industrial processes may tolerate a certain level of impurities that would not be acceptable in food-grade applications.

Manufacturing Processes:

  • Food-Grade Nitrous Oxide: The manufacturing of food-grade nitrous oxide involves stringent quality control measures to meet the specific requirements of the food industry. The production process is carefully monitored to ensure the gas is free from contaminants that could impact food safety.
  • Industrial-Grade Nitrous Oxide: The manufacturing of industrial-grade nitrous oxide may involve fewer purification steps than food-grade production. The focus is on meeting the purity standards required for industrial applications, which may not have the same level of scrutiny as the food industry.
  1. Regulatory Compliance:
  • Food-Grade Nitrous Oxide: It must comply with strict regulations and standards set by food safety authorities. The production facilities and processes are subject to regular inspections to ensure adherence to these standards.
  • Industrial-Grade Nitrous Oxide: Compliance with industrial safety and quality standards is essential. However, the regulations may be different from those governing food-grade products.

It is crucial to use the appropriate grade of nitrous oxide for its intended purpose. Using food-grade nitrous oxide in industrial applications or vice versa could pose safety risks and may not comply with relevant regulations. Always follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer and adhere to industry-specific safety and quality standards.

Promotions and Discounts

document Are there any ongoing promotions or discounts?
  • Currently, our November deals have ended, but currently, we’re offering free shipping on orders above $100. Christmas is right around the corner so keep your eyes on our social media if you’d like to stay up to date on our latest updates.
document Do you have a loyalty program for regular customers?
  • We do have a subscriber program for customers with Galaxy Gas accounts. We encourage you to join our email list, by doing so you’ll receive 10% off of your first purchase after signing up.
document Can I get a discount on bulk orders?
  • We offer a tiered pricing scale for bulk orders from 1, 3 and 5 pallet pricing and an over 5 pallet pricing option. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. (

Customer Support

document How can I reach your customer support team?
  • If you’re in need of wonderful customer service contact our Customer Service team through our chat option on the Galaxy Gas website, at: 404-334-3388 or via email to: someone will advise you accordingly. Our team is available 10 am - 6 pm EST Monday- Friday. 
document What is your refund policy?
  • Thank you for choosing Galaxy Gas! We strive to ensure your satisfaction with our products. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we're here to help.



  • To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it.
  • Your item must be in the original packaging.
  • After 48 hours customers are no longer eligible for full cash refunds.

Time Frame

  • You have 7 days to contact customer service to return an item(s). 


  1. Please contact our customer service team at the Galaxy Gas website to initiate the return process.
  2. Provide your order number and a brief description of the reason for the return.
  3. All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee.
  4. Our customer service team will guide you through the return process.

Shipping Costs

  • Shipping costs for returning an item will be the responsibility of the customer, except in cases where the return is due to a Galaxy Gas error.



  • Once we receive your item, we will inspect it and notify you that we have received your returned item. We will immediately notify you on the status of your refund after inspecting the item.


  • If your return is approved, we will initiate a refund to your original method of payment. You should receive your full cash refund within 7 days of your refund being processed.


  • You will receive the full cash refund within 48 hours of the notice of return to customer service or the return of the product.


  • Refunds will not be provided for items that are not in their original condition, misused, damaged, or missing parts for reasons not due to our error.

Contact Us

If you have any questions on how to return your item to us, contact our customer service team at 404-334-3588.

document I accidentally ordered the wrong flavor, how can I change my order?
  • There are a few options if you’d like to change your ordered flavor of Galaxy Gas
  • 1. If you have ordered but your order has not shipped you may contact Galaxy Customer Service and we’ll get your order corrected. 
  • 2. If you have ordered but your order has not shipped you may cancel your order, wait for your refund to process, and then order your desired flavor.
  • 3. If your order has shipped you may return your order unopened, and we’ll send your desired flavor.
document What time are customer service team members available?
  • Thanks for your inquiry, 
  • Galaxy Gas customer representatives should be expected to assist you during the hours of X to X Monday through Saturday.


document Are your chargers compatible with other brands of whipped cream dispensers?
  • All Galaxy Gas chargers are compatible with all other Galaxy Gas products to bring you the best dessert-making experience but we advise that you use other brands and products at your own risk. We can not ensure the efficacy of brands and products that aren’t made by Galaxy Gas.
document Can I use your chargers with soda makers for carbonation?
  • For sure, Galaxy Gas makes carbonation for drinks a breeze. Here’s how, 

Using Galaxy Gas to carbonate drinks is a process commonly known as "nitro carbonation." Nitro carbonation adds a smooth and creamy texture to beverages, similar to what you might find in nitro coffee or nitro-infused cocktails. Here's a general guide on how to use Galaxy Gas to carbonate drinks:

Note: Always follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of Galaxy Gas, as procedures may vary based on the product.

Materials Needed:

  1. Galaxy Gas canister
  2. Whipped cream dispenser compatible with Galaxy Gas chargers
  3. Cold beverages (coffee, tea, cocktails, etc.)


Chill the Beverage:

  • Ensure that the beverage you want to carbonate is cold. Carbonation is more effective at lower temperatures.

Fill the Whipped Cream Dispenser:

  • Pour the cold beverage into the whipped cream dispenser. Be sure not to overfill, leaving enough space for gas expansion.

Charge with Galaxy Gas:

  • Attach a Galaxy Gas (nitrous oxide) canister to the whipped cream dispenser according to the manufacturer's instructions. Charge the dispenser with the gas by releasing the contents of the canister into the dispenser. Follow the recommended number of gas charges specified by the manufacturer for the volume of your dispenser.

Shake the Dispenser:

  • After charging with gas, seal the dispenser tightly and shake it vigorously for a few seconds. This helps to distribute the gas evenly throughout the beverage.

Let it Rest:

  • Allow the beverage to rest in the dispenser for a few minutes. This allows the nitrous oxide to dissolve into the liquid, creating carbonation.

Dispense and Enjoy:

  • Dispense the carbonated beverage by pressing the lever on the whipped cream dispenser. You should notice a smooth and creamy texture similar to nitro-infused drinks.
  1. Clean the Dispenser:
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions to clean the whipped cream dispenser thoroughly after use. Proper cleaning helps maintain the dispenser and ensures the quality of future carbonation.

Important Tips:

  • Always use nitrous oxide canisters designed for culinary applications.
  • Ensure the whipped cream dispenser is specifically designed to handle nitrous oxide charges.
  • Experiment with the number of gas charges based on your preferences for carbonation.
  • Keep in mind that carbonation achieved with nitrous oxide tends to be smoother and creamier than traditional carbonation.

Remember to follow the specific guidelines provided by the manufacturer of Galaxy Gas for safe and effective use in carbonating beverages.

document What's the difference between using a Galaxy gas regulator or a twist on nozzle?
  • The nozzle included in the box is specifically designed to check if the N2O tank is empty. Its primary function is to help users determine when the tank has been depleted so that they can dispose of the product correctly and safely. This is an essential safety feature to ensure proper handling of N2O cartridges.
  • On the other hand, the Galaxy gas regulator is used for culinary applications and connects to the whip cream dispenser to control the flow of N2O for making culinary goods like whipped cream.
  • To summarize, the nozzle is for checking the N2O tank's emptiness for disposal purposes, while the Galaxy gas regulator is for culinary applications with the whip cream dispenser. Each of these components serves a specific function, contributing to the overall safety and functionality of the product. If you have any more questions or need further clarification, please feel free to ask.

Environmental Impact

document What measures do you take to reduce environmental impact?
  • Our steel canisters are 100 percent recyclable, when doing so please don’t forget to refer to the recycling FAQ on how to dispose of Galaxy Gas canisters properly.
document Should I recycle my Galaxy Gas tank when finished?

The final step in disposing of N2O canisters is to recycle the metal can. Most recycling centers will accept metal cans; this includes whipped cream canisters. To recycle the can, simply place it in your recycling bin. You can usually find a recycling center near you if you don’t have a recycling bin.

No matter how many times you recycle metal cans, the quality will not be degraded. This means that recycled metal or steel can be used to make new metal cans over and over again.That’s it! By following these simple steps, you can help to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

document Are your products recyclable?
  • Our steel canisters are 100 percent recyclable, when doing so please don’t forget to refer to the recycling FAQ on how to dispose of Galaxy Gas canisters properly.
document Should I recycle my Galaxy Gas tank when finished?
  • The final step in disposing of N2O canisters is to recycle the metal can. Most recycling centers will accept metal cans; this includes whipped cream canisters. To recycle the can, simply place it in your recycling bin. You can usually find a recycling center near you if you don’t have a recycling bin.
  • No matter how many times you recycle metal cans, the quality will not be degraded. This means that recycled metal or steel can be used to make new metal cans over and over again.
  • That’s it! By following these simple steps, you can help to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills.
document How should I properly dispose of my Galaxy Gas Tank?
  • In general, however, there are a few key points to remember when disposing of Galaxy Gas canisters. We will go over what you need to know about disposing of Galaxy Gas canisters. 

1. Make sure you remove all the remaining gas in the canisters through the nozzle. 

  • Once the canister is completely used, it can be disposed of. Starting with the disposal, you need to make sure that the canisters are all empty to avoid an explosion and harmful consumption of released chemicals. Once you are sure the canister is empty, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Do not puncture, incinerate, or store N2O canisters near flammable materials

  • Nitrous oxide is stored in high-pressure storage vessels in canisters, filling the gas by weight. If you puncture the canister, the gas may leak out and could explode because of the combustion process and this may cause serious injury. Taking these canisters to a certified recycling center is also very important.
  • We recommend that you do not incinerate the canisters as this could release harmful toxins into the environment. This also goes for storing the canisters near flammable materials – it’s just not worth the risk because although nitrous oxide is a nonflammable gas it can cause combustion and can cause fires.

3. Do not dispose of Galaxy Gas canisters in the trash. 

  • The third thing to remember is that you should refrain from disposing of N2O canisters in the regular trash. This is because they are pressurized and need to be disposed of specially. Never put N2O canisters in the trash – always take them to a certified recycling center.

4. Follow the local, state, and federal regulations for disposing of N2O canisters

  • Each country has its regulations when it comes to disposing of N2O canisters. Make sure you are familiar with the regulations in your country before disposing of the cylinders. Generally, the rules are the same so if you find nitrous oxide canisters, call the recycling centers and tell them you found a Nitrous oxide canister and tell them if it is made up of steel or aluminum. They will then take proper steps to ensure its disposal.
  • So, when you know you need to dispose of the N2O canister, keep the above-mentioned things in mind. Now, let’s move on to the steps you need to take.

5. Carefully dispose of the metals

  • When sending popular aluminum canisters to a recycling company, the canisters must be completely emptied with valves removed. To do this, the cylinder is placed in a vise and using a special tool with some elbow grease, the valve can be removed.
  • Once the valve is removed, most recycling companies require the canisters to be cut in half.

Legal Compliance

document Are your products compliant with food safety regulations?
  • Yes, our products are strictly intended for culinary purposes, and we do not condone any other uses. It's designed for infusing cocktails, making delightful whipped cream, enhancing mashed potatoes, and various other culinary applications. If you have any more questions related to these culinary uses or need assistance with any culinary applications, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help you make the most of your culinary experiences.
document Can you provide information about legal restrictions on nitrous oxide use?
  • Of course, Whipped Cream Chargers supplied from this website must only be used for the preparation of food. The cream chargers contain a gas called Nitrous Oxide that can be abused in the same manner as glue or other solvents. In order to combat this, we require that any customer purchasing our products confirm they are aware of the issues and will make every effort to prevent our products from being misused. Also, we issue this warning if we suspect that you intend to misuse our products, we will refuse to sell any equipment to you. We will also refuse to do business with you in the future and your account (name, addresses etc) will be barred.
  • The sale of whip cream chargers for the purpose of inhalation is illegal. Under no circumstances does Galaxy Gas condone and/or permit this manner of use. If Galaxy Gas believes or has reason to believe its product is the subject of misuse, or being used in any manner other than the intended use for which it is sold, Galaxy Gas reserves the right to deny service. The risks associated with misuse include, but are not limited to, narcosis, asphyxiation, serious injury, and potentially death. Keep out of reach of children.
  • You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase Galaxy Gas products. Galaxy Gas requires confirmation of age at the time of account creation. Customers must submit ID in response to any request, made via e-mail or otherwise, before any shipment of Galaxy Gas products is shipped. For additional questions and concerns, please feel free to email
  • If you or someone you know believes that any Galaxy Gas product has been or is being used for a purpose other than the intended purpose at the time of sale, please email us at In the event misuse of our product is reported, Galaxy Gas will formally demand the return of the product and, upon receipt of the misused product(s), will issue a full refund.
document What is our policy on the use of Galaxy Gas products against our guidelines?
  • Thanks for your inquiry, on this matter we’d refer you to our disclaimer.
  • DISCLAIMER: It is illegal to purposely inhale our product and by shopping on this website you agree to our Terms of Service. WE DO NOT CONDONE ILLEGAL USE OF OUR PRODUCTS. You must be over the age of 21 to view / order from this website.Warning if used improperly or in ways not intended to be used such as inhaling. DO NOT INHALE. See Prop 65 Warning.Prop 65: Warning for California Residents. Products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Customer Reviews

document Where can I find customer reviews of your products?
  • Here’s where you can find our reviews. (insert hyperlink when review function returns) While you’re there we would love for you to leave a review of Galaxy Gas as well. Have an extraordinary day!
document What are some popular recipes or applications for your nitrous oxide chargers?
  • We have a bunch of wonderful recipes posted on our website click Galaxy Gas Recipes and it will lead you there.