Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipe: Nitro Beepolar

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipe - Nitro Beepolar
Are you looking for a unique drink combined with foam to serve at your party? Then here is a recipe for you. Enjoy this delicious Nitro Beepolar with a side of honeycomb and red chili pepper. This cocktail is refreshing and has a very unique and amazing taste. The Beepolar has won the young talents cup 2020 of Falstaff and uses a great combination of foam with a cocktail.

This recipe is divided into two stages: a drink consisting of monkey 47 barrel cut, fresh juice of a lime, and orange blossom cordial. The orange blossom cordial can be made in-house and uses very fresh ingredients. The second part consists of an espuma that gives it its name Beepolar which has truffle honey, lime juice, chili pepper, egg whites, and warm water as its main ingredients.

To prepare this foam and cocktail mix, all you need is fifteen minutes of your time, some moderate cooking skills, a few equipment, and various ingredients. The usage of Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Canister in this recipe infuses all the ingredients together to provide a strong-flavored and delicious espuma that is light, packed, airy, and amazing.

This drink is really easy to make if you know some basic skills in the kitchen or know how to use the modern tools, and it is something that can easily reduce cost if made in bulk and can also be served at a party without any extra hard work. You can store the foam for at least ten days by keeping it in the whipped cream canister and placing it in a refrigerator. You can easily produce this drink for your party by making it in bulk by increasing the quantity of ingredients, and enjoying this with your guests.

This recipe takes the traditional cocktail game to an advanced level and infuses more flavors by letting the foam have separate flavors from the drink. Adding a NO2 cartridge combined with a whipped cream canister helps cut the long whipping process and allows you to prepare the drink fast so that your guests do not have to wait.

Galaxy Gas Recipes: Quick Info



Total time for making the recipe

15 minutes


5 minutes



Cooking time

10 minutes


3 Servings



    Galaxy Gas Recipes: Ingredients
    1. For the drink:
    • 5 cl of Monkey 47 Barrel Cut
    • 1 cl of fresh juice of a lime
    • 2 cl of orange blossom cordial
    1. For Beepolar:
    • 9 teaspoon of truffle honey
    • 45 ml of lime juice
    • 3 pieces of fresh chili pepper
    • 6 large egg whites
    • 150 ml of warm water
    Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Steps
    1. To prepare the orange blossom cordial, take 600 tonic water and a handful of lemon tree leaves with limes, orange blossom, and lemon verbena. Add these into a pot and simmer the mixture for approximately ten minutes.
    2. Slowly add in 450 grams of granulated sugar and mix properly. Allow this mixture to cool down, and then sieve the orange blossom cordial through a fine mesh.
    3. Transfer it to an airtight bottle and keep it in the refrigerator.
    4. To prepare the Beepolar, take the truffle honey, warm water, and truffle oil. Add two drops of truffle oil with truffle honey in warm water, and then add the chili pepper and mix up.
    5. After mixing properly, add the lime juice and the egg whites and mix again to incorporate the ingredients.
    6. Take a funnel and sieve and pour this mixture through it and into a whipped cream canister. Next, screw on a single whipped cream charger and shake the canister at least fourteen to sixteen times.
    7. Keep aside and prepare the drink by mixing 3.5 cl of Monkey 47 Barrel Cut with the prepared 2 cl Orange Blossom Cordial and 1 cl of fresh lime juice in a glass.
    8. Then top it with the truffle honey chili espuma by dispensing it from the whipped cream canister. Then, serve immediately with flambéed chili pepper and a piece of honeycomb, and your Beepolar is ready.


    Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Extra Information

    Can long exposure to NO2 affect my health?

    Yes! Using NO2 excessively can lead up to various issues with your health; that is the main reason why you should always use the recommended quantity. For example, the high levels can cause numbness of the body, giddiness, blurred vision, confusion up to some extent, euphoria, sedation, dizziness, sweating, low blood pressure, fainting, memory loss, and more such effects can occur. But suppose it is taken in extra high amounts. In that case, it can also lead to heart attacks, sudden deaths, limb spasms, depression, psychological dependence, weakened immune system, kidney failure, psychosis, and more such diseases and effects.

    What are the benefits of truffle honey?

    It is great honey that provides many benefits such as helping in lowering the cholesterol levels, then is great to prevent premature aging, might help with the reduction of the oxidative stress, is good for people that have liver damage as it can cater in protecting the liver, might be beneficial to prevent cancer due to its nutritional values and is great when it comes to lowering of the cardiovascular diseases that might develop over time. In addition, this honey has anti-microbial properties and is vegan and can also help with various eye infections and diseases, and is a great natural sweetener.

    Is this recipe healthy?

    Yes! This recipe is completely healthy as it uses limes and truffle honey. The honey is best as it provides anticancer properties, lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, has anti-microbial properties, slows down the aging process, lowers cholesterol levels, and might also prevent liver damage. Then the limes are also great as they boost the immune system, also cater to reducing the risk of cancer, make the skin glow, speed up the metabolism, and improve digestion. The limes also help in protecting the heart, fight off inflammations, regulate blood sugar levels, and are also great for non-meat eaters. The limes are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and help promote healthy skin by promoting collagen and protein to make the skin strong and firm and does not let the skin become dry or have too many wrinkles.

    How to use NO2 safely?

    To use NO2 safely, you should not inhale it directly, and you should use the whipped cream canister to charge the gas into your dishes; in this way, you will have very little contact with the gar directly. Then it would be best if you did not use too many nitrous oxide chargers in the dish; only use the recommended amount and remember to always shake the canister well before using it. Also, never inhale the gas directly from the NO2 cartridges. It can cause throat muscles to spasm and might stop a person from breathing taking them directly to the death bed even though the air contains seventy percent nitrous oxide. Still, it can be dangerous if taken at different pressures and used in highly excessive amounts. Though this recipe is completely safe for you to make as it does not contain too much NO2, if you increase the quantity of the recipe, then remember to set the whipped cream chargers quantity according to it.