Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipe: Nitro Strawberry, Pistachio, and White Chocolate

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipe: Nitro Strawberry, Pistachio, and White Chocolate

Galaxy Gas Introduction

Strawberry, Pistachio, and White Chocolate is a perfect combination when it comes to yummy and delicious treats. So, here is a recipe that combines all these things into one and provides you with an outstanding dish to serve your guests after dessert. This delicious recipe is a show stopper with the wonderful taste and the combination of colors it offers to decorate your tables.

To make this amazing dessert of British cuisine, you will need a list of ingredients, some handy tools, and around one hour and forty-five minutes from your time to create this amazing nitro strawberry, pistachio, and white chocolate. The Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Canister makes this dessert extremely delicious as it completely transforms the pistachio sponge into something unique and amazing.

This dessert is economical and has few steps that you should follow. You will have this amazing dish ready before you know it; you can easily store and prepare a few ingredients and get a professionally styled dish within a few minutes. This sweet and yummy dessert can provide you with great applause from your guests and will give them a taste of your amazing cooking skills. Let’s see how the whipped cream cartridges make this recipe easy for you.

Galaxy Gas Recipes: Quick Info



Total time for making the recipe

1 Hour 45 Minutes


20 Minutes

Cook time

1 Hour 25 Minutes

Yield 4 Servings


  • Whipped Cream Canister
  • Whipped Cream Charger
  • Sugar Thermometer
  • Paco Jet
  • Silicon pad Mat
  • Microwave


Galaxy Gas Recipes: Ingredients

For Sorbet

  • 166gms of strawberry purée
  • 150gms of water
  • 25gms of trimoline
  • 40gms of sugar
  • 1gm gellan gum

For Tuile

  • 42gms of strawberry purée
  • 35gms of butter
  • 30gms of sugar
  • 7gms of flour
  • For White Chocolate Mousse:
  • 60gms of white chocolate
  • ½ gelatin leaf
  • 17gms of cream
  • 7gms of icing sugar
  • 85gms of semi- whipped cream
  • For White Chocolate Cannelloni
  • 22gms of wild strawberry purée
  • 12gms of 1:1 stock syrup
  • 49gms of water
  • 2gms of SOSA elastic or any powered gelling agent made from seaweed and locust bean gum
  • Pistachio Sponge
  • 20gms of crushed pistachio nuts
  • 35gms of egg whites
  • 15gms of egg yolks
  • 8gms of flour

For Pistachio

  • 5gms of blanched pistachio nuts
  • 10gms of sugar

For Garnishing

  • Around four fresh strawberries
  • For White Chocolate Powder
  • 25gms of melted white chocolate
  • 15gms of maltosec

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Steps

  1. To create the sorbet, combine strawberry purée trimoline, sugar, water, and gellan gum in a pan. Heat the mixture till 150 degrees Fahrenheit and then sift it into a bowl. After cooling, transfer it to a paco-jet container and freeze. Keep there for 30 minutes, then plate it out.
  2. Then preheat the oven at 226 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. To create the strawberry tuile, combine butter and sugar in the cream form, then fold the flour in it. Add strawberry purée till smooth paste forms and then spread it on a silicon pad mat and bake till it is cooked (approx. 15 minutes). Then take out and let it cool and break it into shards.
  4. To create a white chocolate mousse, you have to melt the white chocolate in a bain-marie and let it cool down. Warm the cream slightly and dissolve gelatin in it and after dissolving it, add icing sugar and the cooled chocolate to the cream. Strain it in a bowl, set it over ice, then let it semi-set and fold it with the semi-whipped cream.
  5. Mix the strawberry purée, stock syrup, elastic (SOSA), and water in a pan to make white chocolate cannelloni. Stir occasionally and bring to boil. Once it boils, pour it onto a warm flat black tray that is lined with cling film. Let the mixture cool, and then cut the jelly in 3.9x2.8 inches rectangles.
  6. Pipe white chocolate mousse that you create over the jelly sheet lengthwise and roll the sheet over forming tube and store it in parchment paper to keep them dry and in shape.
  7. To create a white chocolate powder, melt the white chocolate in a bain-marie and, after melting, slowly add maltose and constantly whisk it till the fine powder is formed. Break the fine powder using your hands, sieve it through, so there are no lumps, and store it in an airtight container until usage.
  8. To create a sponge, add egg whites and yolks, pistachios, flour, and sugar and combine them till smooth and mixed. Transfer the mixture to a pan and heat till eggs are cooked while constantly mixing to avoid overheating. Place this mixture in a huge whipped cream canister and charge it with three whipped cream chargers. Pipe this batter in a one-kilogram container and cook in the microwave for ninety seconds on full power. Then take out, cool, and freeze.
  9. Preheat oven at 330 degrees Fahrenheit and toast the blanched pistachios till golden brown (approx. 5 minutes). Then put sugar in a pan and heat until caramel is formed; remove from heat and add the roasted pistachios and stir. Quickly spread this mixture evenly onto a baking sheet and allow it to set.
  10. Unroll the cannelloni, trim the ends using a hot knife and place it in the center of each plate. Surround it with huge chunks of pistachio sponge, arrange the pistachios together, and sprinkle the powder all over it.
  11. Then garnish with sliced strawberries and add tuiles to provide it with depth and height. Add a quenelle of strawberry sorbet and serve immediately.

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Extra Information

Is using 3 whipped cream chargers safe?

Yes! It is completely safe to use 3 whipped cream chargers in this recipe as they are set according to the quantity of the ingredients and will not increase the intake of NO2 in your body as NO2 is completely safe for your body and is also present in the air.

What is quenelle?

Quenelle is a type of shape taken from the dumpling shape When you create that dumpling shape in any dish, that process is said to be quenelle.