Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser – Nitro Corn Espuma

Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser – Nitro Corn Espuma
Galaxy Gas Introduction

Looking for some corn on the cob recipes? Then you are on the right page. Corn combined with a few ingredients and charged with nitrous oxide is something you cannot imagine, but it is one of the dishes that are really delicious and very easy to make. Corn is simply a tall, yearly produced cereal grass with starchy seeds, which are processed into various dishes and are also called "maize".

This recipe uses your already pre-cooked corn on the cob with other ingredients to give you an amazing and delicious sauce. You can serve it hot or cold, and the decision is always yours. It is a great recipe as it can be produced within minutes for your guests, friends, or family. It is a very basic and simple recipe that uses Xanthan gum as a binding agent. If you increase the quantity of ingredients for bulk, you should also increase the quantity of Xanthan gum so that your sauce is stable and perfect.

To get your delicious Nitro Corn Espuma, all you need is a list of raw materials like corn on the cob, a great tool to produce the perfect airy, smooth, and delicious foamy espuma and around twenty-five minutes from your strict routine and you have a delicious dinner ready in no time. The Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Canister helps with providing a delicious aroma and texture to your espuma and is great when you want to preserve the color and flavor of the corn in this yummy treat.

This recipe is from a really long time ago and is now taking the lead in the modern culinary industry. It is healthy for children, and the kids also love this recipe; you can store it quite easily. It is tasty, easy to prepare, can be made for a huge crowd, and has easy to find ingredients that do not cost you a fortune. You can have this recipe even without any expertise in the modern culinary arts and be creative.

This recipe changes the simple whisked foams game into something unique, delicious, and out of the ordinary that is perfect for impressing others and making some heads turn towards you. The NO2 cartridges combined with a whipped cream dispenser cut the long times and dense consistency of the foams available without using this tool. So, let's just not sit and wait. Let's see how to prepare the corn on the Nitro Corn Espuma!

Galaxy Gas Recipes: Quick Info




Total time for making the recipe

25 Minutes


5 Minutes



Cooking time

20 Minutes


Multiple Servings

⦁ Whipped Cream Canister
⦁ Whipped Cream Charger

Galaxy Gas Recipes: Ingredients

⦁ 8 pre-cooked corns on the cob
⦁ 200 ml of chicken stock
⦁ 125 grams of sour cream
⦁ ¼ TL of Xanthan
⦁ 2 egg whites

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Steps


  1. Take the pre-cooked corns on the cob but if you have uncooked corns with the cob, then cook them and then use them in the recipe.
  2. Remove the kernels of the corn from the cob and smoke the corn kernels.
  3. Take a separate pan and cut the cob into small pieces, and smoke it separately.
  4. Take a pot and add in the chicken stock with sour cream and bring it to a boil. Then add the smoked corn cobs.
  5. Simmer the mixture for a minimum of twenty minutes, make sure the lid is closed on the pot and the heat is low. Then remove it from the stove and let it cool.
  6. Pour the corn kernels into a blender and add the mixture from the pot, make a fine and smooth purée, taste the purée and then let it cool.
  7. After it is cooled down, add the xanthan gum and mix and finally add egg whites in it and carefully mix.
  8. Strain the mixture through a very fine sieve and use a spatula if required. Then pour the mixture into the whipped cream canister and charge it with a whipped cream charger.
  9. Shake the whipped cream canister eight to ten times vigorously, and then dispense the Corn Espuma according to your need.

What are different recipes where we can use Nitro Corn Espuma?

You can make various recipes using the Corn Espuma, and you can serve it with steaks, white meat like fish or chicken. If you are a salad lover, you can add the espuma in the salad as a corn dressing, can make cornhusk meringues, and enjoy this espuma with them, can have it with crabs or can also add in different flavors and see which dish it goes best with. In simple words, you can be creative with this dish; however, you want to.

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Extra Information


What are the benefits of Corn?

Corn, in general, has many benefits, and combined with healthy ingredients like chicken stock and more, this dish takes the benefits to another level. Corn products are great when it comes to your guts health as they help with healthier gut health while helping in lowering your probability of getting issues like cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases. Not only this, it is a great source of fiber which keeps you full in between meals controlling your overeating habits and strengthens the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract preventing colon cancer and also provides unlimited antioxidants and is good for eye health and also has small amounts of magnesium, potassium and other important minerals.

How can I stabilize my Espuma?

You can easily stabilize your espuma by adding various stabilizers. In this recipe, the stabilizer we used is the Xanthan gum and eggs white. If you want to make a more stable espuma, you can change the ratios of these stabilizers and get your desired consistencies. There are four types of stabilizers: fat-based stabilizers, protein or egg-based stabilizers, starch-based stabilizers, and gelatin-based stabilizers. The fat-based stabilizer can be vegan or animal depending on the fat you are using; the starch-based can be potato, corn, wheat, or more. You can add any and stabilize your espuma.