Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser – Nitro Potato Foam

Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser – Nitro Potato Foam
Galaxy Gas Introduction

Potatoes are great. Everyone loves to eat potatoes. Kids also love eating potatoes such as French fries, mash potatoes, hash browns and more such variations of potatoes. This Nitro Potato Foam recipe is a variation of normal mashed potatoes. It is amazing and a whole transformation that most would never think of. It is very light, foamy and delicious.

This recipe is something that everyone already makes at their home, you might be wondering what's new with mashed potatoes like all are the same, but this one is different. All the flavors included in the recipe get well with each other.

The addition of truffle oil, potato water, and other ingredients brings a delicious taste and texture to the potato foam.

To make this side dish, you will need ten minutes to prepare the ingredients and thirty minutes to cook the whole recipe. This recipe is really easy to make and only needs some ingredients and a few pieces of equipment to start with, and then you will have your delicious Nitro Potato Foam ready to be devoured. The Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Canister is the main equipment in the recipe, which brings the texture and infuses all the flavors together in accurate amounts to provide rich and delicious potato foam.

This recipe is for medium level cooks who have basic knowledge about cooking or how to work in the kitchen. It is not for beginners. However, if you are a beginner and love to cook, you can enjoy this recipe as you can experiment with it. This potato foam goes well with steaks, can be eaten alone and is also perfect to go with stir fried vegetables and rice. So, let’s see how we can make this delicious recipe for the family and guests.

Galaxy Gas Recipes: Quick Info



Total time for making the recipe

40 Minutes


10 Minutes



Cook time

30 Minutes


3 Servings


Mixing Bowl
Whisk or Blender
Garnishes (optional)
Spoons or Utensils
Galaxy Gas Charger
Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser


Galaxy Gas Recipes: Ingredients

⦁ 150 grams of butter
⦁ 150 ml of milk
⦁ 5 ml of truffle oil
⦁ 1 gram of salt
⦁ 200 grams of potatoes (floury)
⦁ 1 gram of nutmeg
⦁ 35 ml of potato water
Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Steps


  1. To prepare potato foam, take potatoes and peel them. Then take a pot and add in some water to boil the potatoes.
  2. Add salt to the water and bring the water to a boil. Add in the peeled potatoes and boil them.
  3. Once potatoes are boiled, strain them using a potato ricer.
  4. Take 200 grams of riced potatoes and mix them with hot milk. Add potato water, truffle oil and butter into the mixture.
  5. Season the mixture with some nutmeg and a little bit of salt as per your taste. Then take a whipped cream canister.
  6. Pour the mixture into the whipped cream canister by passing it through its funnel and sieve. Then screw the head of the whipped cream canister on top of it.
  7. Charge the whipped cream canister with a single whipped cream cartridge and release the nitrous oxide.
  8. Shake the canister from fourteen to sixteen times and then keep it aside.
  9. To serve, take a bowl and dispense some potato foam and serve it or you can also use it instead of mashed potatoes with steak, rice, sautéed vegetables and such dishes.
Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Extra Information


Why is Potato beneficial?

Potato is beneficial and is an essential part of Asian cooking. It is one of the most popular vegetables made worldwide, and everyone knows that they love French fries made using potatoes. Potatoes help with healing as it has anti-inflammatory properties, which soothes the stomach and helps with decreasing acidity and prevents ulcers. It might help with inflammation related to arthritis. Potatoes are great for blood pressure as they regulate blood pressure if taken in appropriate quantities without deep frying them in excess oil. Potatoes have amino acids, especially L-tryptophan, which helps calm the whole body's nerves. It has healing properties and contains zero cholesterol, which helps heal the heart due to fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium. All of these are great of heart and if cooked properly gives many benefits. The alpha-lipoic acid present in potatoes helps improve brain health, and the huge amount of fiber in potatoes helps with increased digestion. Potatoes also help with sleeping and treating insomnia due to the presence of tryptophan, relives premenstrual symptoms and are good for bones.


Will using two chargers make more foam, and is it safe?

No! Two chargers in this quantity will not make foam, and it will disturb the whole consistency of the foam. So it is better to follow the complete recipe. However, if you want to use two chargers, double the ingredients and use them; moreover, this recipe is completely safe to use as it does not use nitrous oxide in excess, which is harmful to the human body. And if you will use two chargers in this recipe with the same quantities of ingredients, it will be harmful as it can cause brain damage or might lead to memory loss over time. It is also not great for your nervous system and heart and might affect other aspects of your health. Anything in excess amounts is harmful, and so is nitrous oxide. So, it is better to use it in proper quantities and avoid its excess usage as it can be harmful to the extent that it might lead you to your death bed.


What are the benefits of Nutmeg?

Nutmeg is a spice that is used in Asian households for various dishes. It is packed with calcium, carbohydrates, protein, sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin A and vitamin C. It is great for digestion as it helps with easy digestion and might help with treating ulcers in some cases. It is a great spice to treat insomnia. Nutmeg also has safrole, elemicin, myristicin and eugenol, which help ease pain and provide anti-inflammatory properties. This spice also helps with brain activity by stimulating nerve cells and boosting the user's mood. Nutmeg also does wonders for the skin as it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help keep the skin healthy and supple. It also removes blackheads and helps with bad breath. It regulates blood pressure and enhances the circulation of blood that helps with the reduction of stress, and relaxes the blood vessels. Nutmeg helps with treating liver injuries and disorders. It helps remove toxins from the body and has anti-depressant properties that calm the human body. This spice also has anti-cancer properties and helps with decreasing levels, and even provides relief from diarrhea and a perfect digestion system. It also helps with weight loss and is a great spice for hair growth.