Slight Flex with a Galaxy Gas Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser

Slight Flex with a Galaxy Gas Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser

A while back, whipped cream needed a strong arm and endless stirring which was exhausting. If you are relying on canned items from the grocery store, you are missing out on the fun. Homemade whipped cream is much fluffier, denser, and yummier. Whipped cream made with an electric mixer or hand does not give similar results. By far the easiest method to make whipped cream at home is with a stainless steel whipped cream dispenser.

Several dispensers go far beyond just whipped cream.  According to the model of your dispenser, you can add other liquids in the dispenser for making foams, icing, mousse, and much more. Those who love fine dining can use a canister to make several five-star restaurant desserts, but if you want to get fluffier desserts that last long and look professional, a stainless steel whipped cream dispenser is worth adding to your kitchen equipment.

What Features Should A Reliable Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser Have?

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A reliable whip cream dispenser should have the best quality, incredible performance, endurance, ease of usage and cleaning, and versatility. You're spot on if you are looking for an expert-quality whipped cream dispenser that will last for a long time. The Galaxy Gas stainless steel whipped cream dispenser is the best choice. If we begin with the design, it is built with top-tier stainless steel. Also, it has a removable piston and tight seal, so you can easily clean every part of the dispenser. Best of all, this stainless steel whipped cream dispenser will not stain because of the material. It is able to contain odors and does not react with acidic foods.

In fact, you can store the mixture of any beverage in the container without any worries of oxidation. When we tested the canister for the first time, we were pleased to see the results which were fluffy and quickly made. If you are looking for a dispenser to make denser whipped cream, our tester found out that you can make the cream without any extra effort. You can rely on our professional stainless steel whipped cream dispenser because of its quality.

Not only this, it includes a decorator tip for dispensing and a cleaning brush. You just wash it with warm water. All in all, it is worth the price tag.

How To Clean Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser?


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Cleaning the whipped cream dispenser is easy, but we recommend you clean it by hand. We do not recommend using the dishwasher to clean the dispenser. Below are the steps that you need to keep in mind before cleaning the dispenser.

  1. First, remove the tip and cartridge holder.
  2. Next, turn the dispenser head and pull out the gasket. Also, pull the head valve out of the dispenser’s head.
  3. If you are unable to remove the dispenser head then give it a soft tug.
  4. Next, clean all the parts of the dispenser separately with water and soap.
  5. Take the dispenser head out without all of the parts and clean it with dishwashing soap. This helps ensure no particles of cream are left behind.
  6. Wait for all the contents to dry.
  7. Once the dispenser dries out, put it back in the head as it was.

Most whipped cream dispenser companies manufacture dishwasher-safe dispensers but if you are not sure if yours is dishwasher safe, you may want to wash it by hand.

How Does A Dispenser Work to Make Perfect Consistency Of Whipped Cream?


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For making whipped cream you need to consider a thick whipping cream. The cream should have a fat content of 27-36 percent. When you are pressing the lever it releases pressure and causes the N2O to expand inside the fat molecule which dispenses whipped cream. This is the reason why whipped cream made in a dispenser makes 4x the amount of the cream.

Will All Liquids Be Able To Perform This?

No, all the liquids are not able to make the perfect whips, foams, and mousses. Nonetheless, you can infuse all liquids.

Does Whipped Cream Require Sugar?      

Nothing else needs to be added to the whip cream, except air. No other sweeteners, extracts, or flavors are needed. Whipped cream is nature's gift to all food lovers! That being said, you can add sugar to your own taste.

Where Should You Store The Whipped Cream Dispenser?


Where Should You Store The Whipped Cream Dispenser?

You can keep the whipped cream dispenser refrigerated when it is not in use. However, you should give it some shakes before use. Once all the cream is out of the dispenser, take the dispenser apart and thoroughly clean it by hand.

Is a Stainless Steel Or Aluminum Whipped Cream Dispenser Better To Use?

The stainless steel whipped cream dispenser lasts longer and it is easier to clean. The stainless steel is a better choice than the aluminum body dispenser, as it is sturdier.

How Long Does Whipped Cream Last In Dispenser?


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If you want to store the whipped cream for more than 3 to 4 days, we recommend that you recharge the whipping dispenser with N2O. However, it is not recommended to store the whipped cream for more than 5 days. Keeping the whipped cream in a refrigerator is the best way to prevent it from going bad.

Do You Have To Shake The Whip Cream Dispenser Before Use?

Yes, you have to shake the whip cream dispenser before using it. For better and thicker consistency, you‘ll need to shake to mix the N2O gas with the mixture properly.

Is It Cheaper To Use A Whipped Cream Dispenser?

Yes, the stainless steel whipped cream dispenser is cheaper to use. You can make whipped cream in a large quantity if you have a dispenser at home. Now you don’t have to spend several bucks on Starbucks for the fluffy whip cream beverages and desserts.


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