Got Cream? Your Guide to Whipped Cream Chargers!

Got Cream? Your Guide to Whipped Cream Chargers!

If you are looking to make whipped cream professionally at home, you need the perfect tools. And when you need to prepare whip cream, there is nothing better than having Galaxy Gas whipped cream chargers. These whipped cream chargers are affordable and portable canisters filled with N2O. Best of all, when you use the canister for making whipped cream, the N2O assists in stabilizing the cream, making it creamier and thicker.

N2O chargers have become an essential kitchen staple for many home cooks and expert chefs. It is because they offer a quick and perfect way to add volume, creaminess, and taste to any dish. What do these canisters look like? And where can you get them?

We are here to answer your questions right now!

What Do Whipped Cream Chargers Look Like?


whipped cream chargers


The whipped cream charger is a metal canister that is filled with N2O. In fact, the canister is the same size as a shot glass, and it has a small nozzle on the end. When you use a whipped cream charger, it enhances the fluffiness of the cream. If you need more chargers to use in a cafe, then buy our whipped cream chargers in bulk. The larger tank size of N2O is suitable for restaurants. We have up to 2000 g of 3.3L tanks. For instance, a whip cream charger consists of 8 grams of N2O. Most of the tanks that you’ll find at cafés will have up to 580 to 600 grams of N2O or more.

All the cylinders are budget-friendly and ideal for commercial purposes. If you are only going to use the whipped cream canister at home, then choose the smaller 8g size.

How to Store Cream Chargers?

When you are not using the whip cream chargers, keep them in a cool and dry area. Also, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight or heat. It is essential to keep the cream chargers away from pets and children because they consist of pressurized N2O, which is unsafe if not handled properly.

How Does an N2O Whip Cream Charger Work?


whipped cream


Whip cream chargers operate by releasing the N2O gas in the dispenser of whipped cream. The N2O assists in stabilizing the cream, making it creamier and thicker.

Below are some simple steps for using the whip cream charger.

  1. First attach the charger to the whipped cream dispenser and make sure the seal is tight.
  2. Now shake the dispenser for 30 seconds to infuse the contents.
  3. Dispense by pointing the nozzle and pressing up the lever.
  4. Use the dispenser immediately, and store it in the fridge for 24 hours.

Embarking on your first whip cream adventure? Here are some tips to make your creation truly delectable.

  • Start the process with chilled cream; it will take less time to whip.
  • Adjust the thickness with powdered sugar and milk if required.
  • Now add the flavors of your choice, e.g., vanilla and chocolate, for a unique taste.

Common Use of the N2O Whipped Cream Chargers


whipped cream with fruit

Other than N2O, no other ingredient can make thick and fluffy whipped cream. Also, you can store it for later use in your desserts, snacks, and beverages. This is the main reason why hospitality businesses prefer to buy N2O tanks rather than small canisters.

Below are some ways cooks and chefs use the cream chargers in the kitchen; check them out:


Use a piping bag fitted with a geometrical tip to flow the whipped cream over the cakes and cupcakes.


Use a piping bag for filling up doughnuts with whip cream; use it for filling cakes, sundaes, pastries, eclairs or cream puffs.


On top of pie slices and cheesecakes. Whipped cream can make milkshakes and frappes interesting yet delightful.


The whipped cream topping makes them look like Irish coffees.


You can use the whip cream to add frosting to cakes. It will be an amazing option to reduce the sugar and calories in the cake and cupcakes.


Whipped cream is suitable to add to fruit dips, chocolate dips, and other snacks of your choice.

These are some of the amazing possibilities when it comes to using the whipped cream charger. But that’s not all; show your creativity, and you can come up with something more astonishing.

Where Can I Get The N2O Whipped Cream Chargers?


whip cream charger

You can get the N2O canisters from Galaxy Gas. We are one of the largest sellers of N2O chargers and whipped cream products in the USA. Moreover, we use top-quality materials for making N2O tanks. We have stainless steel and aluminum tanks that are 100% food grade. So, you can rely on our products. Not only this, we have N2O tanks that are available in several sizes, so you can pick the right one for your event. Furthermore, our charges are compatible with the whipped cream dispensers of other brands as well.


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