Nitrous Oxide Delights: Galaxy Gas Molecular Gastronomy Adds Fizz & Flavor!

Nitrous Oxide Delights: Galaxy Gas Molecular Gastronomy Adds Fizz & Flavor!

Our nitrous oxide tanks are like stepping into a new world of cooking magic. They are the secret ingredient that makes an ordinary kitchen into a spectacular one! Have you ever been mesmerized by a beautiful dessert? Get ready for an adventure in molecular gastronomy where you can be as creative as you want! 

Do you want to know how the pros get such perfect results? Open the door to a world of delicious treats, like captivating drinks, velvety mousses, luscious smoothies, and rich hot chocolates. This is all possible because nitrous oxide. When used in cooking, N2O can elevate everyday desserts and drinks.

Take your time when buy our high-quality nitrous oxide gas and other whipped cream accessories. Elevate your food experience to the next level and make every meal a work of art. Molecular gastronomy lets you be creative, impress your friends, and enjoy the sweet taste of decadence! Are you ready to start this culinary creation journey? 

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All About Molecular Gastronomy: From Formulas to Culinary Creations


galaxy gas gastronomy

Molecular gastronomy holds a special place in the hearts of modern chefs and food enthusiasts. It's an incredible method for creating enchanting culinary masterpieces. What is the cause for its uniqueness? 

Molecular gastronomy is the best way to have a modern fine dining experience. It blends chemistry and physics to reimagine the texture and taste of food. Molecular gastronomy is a scientific discipline that examines the physical and chemical processes in cooking, but this is only possible if artistic chefs add some originality. 

Gastronomy is also known as avant-garde cuisine. What could be fancier? It may not sound accessible because it is only available at elite restaurants, but wait! We have come up with two unique options to show that molecular gastronomy is only a step away from your kitchen. So, what is stopping you from trying this type of cuisine in your kitchen?

2 Popular Molecular Gastronomy Techniques Using Nitrous Oxide


whipped cream recipe

When coking, the possibilities of molecular gastronomy are limitless; you can make mousses, sweet foams, gelatins, and alcoholic cocktails with a whipped cream dispenser. This is only possible to achieve with Galaxy Gas nitrous oxide.

What is the role of nitrous oxide in making culinary creations even better?

For example, it can be helpful to aerate any mixture. Also, the texture becomes lighter ensuring the best taste. The fantastic molecular gastronomy techniques that N2O combines include foaming and alcohol-infused cocktails.

Foaming with Nitrous Oxide of Galaxy Gas

The whipped cream dispenser's pressure forces the N2O to become a liquid. Also, it allows you to mix with the ingredients. This pressure helps to form bubbles in the bottle for expansion, making a light foam. That foam can be added to pancakes, muffins, coffee, and so much more.

Suggestion: Chill the whipped cream dispenser for at least 20 minutes before usage. Also, cold equipment will enhance the shelf life of its contents.

Introducing a New Twist: Cocktails Infused with Alcohol and N2O Canisters


n2o cocktails

Galaxy Gas not only enhances your cocktails; it also enhances your experience. Anyone can order their usual at a bar, but on a night where you want to make the most of your time, it’s time to level up with a cocktail infusion! 

Here is what you need to do:

The infusion involves fresh ingredients like fruits, herbs, or veggies, then soaking them in your spirit of choice. The result will have a flavor that takes over the drink and reveals a unique aroma.

Watermelon And Mint-Infused Gin


Watermelon And Mint-Infused Gin



galaxy gas n2o recipe ingredients

  • 200 ml of dry gin
  • Mint leaves as per your preference.
  • 2-3 chunks sliced of watermelon
  • A Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser

One Galaxy Gas Tank or N2O canister




  1. First, tear the mint leaves and add them to the whipped cream dispenser; this enhances the infusion of flavors.
  2. Next, Put watermelon in a blender and mash with a wooden spoon to release some of the juice. Puree until smooth. (Pour watermelon puree through a fine-mesh strainer set over a large bowl.
  3. Then, pour strained watermelon juice into the whipped cream dispenser to enhance flavor.
  4. Now, pour the gin into the whipped cream dispenser and screw back the whipped cream dispenser's head. After that, place the canister in the cartridge holder and remember to tighten it.
  5. Once you've completed all the steps, it's time to pierce the charger. Turn to the right until you hear a hissing noise, indicating the nitrous oxide filling the whipper.
  6. Next, allow the dispenser to sit for the desired duration. The longer you wait, the better the infusion results will be.
  7. For optimal results, shake the whipped cream dispenser gently for a minute and let it stand for a few more minutes. 

Extra Tip: Consider using a strainer or filter when pouring the gin into another container.

Essential Safety Tips for N2O Usage


n2o recipe tips

  • Dispense the remaining gas upright after letting the liquid settle for a few minutes. Please avoid doing it upside down to prevent any material from leaking.
  • You won't be able to open the bottle if there is still gas inside. Do not attempt it! Dismantling the whipped cream dispenser before all the gas has been released can be risky.

Get It Going! Elevate Your Creations Now!

Are you prepared to take your whipped cream skills to the next level? Get your hands on all the must-have items: a whipped cream dispenser, nitrous oxide tanks, and chargers, all available at Galaxy Gas. Prepare yourself for tempting new experiences. 🍸🍉🍷

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