Quick Delight: 3-Minute, 3-Ingredient Whipped Cream Dispenser Recipe

Quick Delight: 3-Minute, 3-Ingredient Whipped Cream Dispenser Recipe

Looking for an instant upgrade for your homemade coffee or any desserts? This guide to whipped cream dispenser recipe is the only solution. Not only this, it will save you time and money that you spend on several ingredients. This recipe requires 3 minutes and 3 ingredients only. The active prep magic requires a whipped cream dispenser. Are you ready to become a kitchen magician? Wait no more! Try out this vanilla-flavored aerosol whipped cream.

whipped cream dispenser

Imagine this: A lovely blob of fluffy perfection softly moving on the cup of your morning coffee that will satisfy your sweet tooth. You won’t be spending several bucks on the Starbucks coffee cream once you know how to make the right texture of whip cream at home. Our game-changing 3-minute recipe will provide a feel of Starbucks whipped cream on your latte. 

Now you do not need to whisk or beat the cream with your hand. You can easily produce fluffy clouds of whipping cream with our swift approach, which is inspired by our culinary experts. All you need is to get three components and a Galaxy Gas whipped cream dispenser.

Why You’ll Love This Whipped Cream Dispenser Recipe?

Apart from making the creamiest, pillowy, and dreamy whipped cream, this easy-peasy whipped cream recipe is also loved for the following reasons:

●      So Quick!

What truly sets this N2O whipped cream recipe apart from other recipes is its astonishing convenience. Unlike the old-style whipping methods which need a lot of time to whisk out the smooth and fluffy cream, this recipe is quite hassle-free. Simply load the professional whipped cream dispenser with the cream. Next up, add sweetness, and wait for a few moments for the magic to begin. In a few seconds. You will see the perfect consistency and texture of whipped cream that will be like a proficient dessert chef's.

●      Simple yet Versatile!

Simplicity is the key to making this beautiful whip cream recipe. However, it is quite versatile on the other hand. You have to stir up a batch of whipped cream and keep it in a refrigerator, now get ready to add a touch of creamy elegance to any kind of your beverages and favorite desserts. Also, imagine the joy of effortless garnishing on a slice of pie, a mug of hot chocolate, and a bowl of berries. The cloudy topping on the desserts makes it heavenly and irresistible for anyone.

●      Eco-Friendly!

Rather than purchasing disposable cans for light whipped cream from the grocery store, use a whipped cream dispenser that is reusable. Also, the N2O pods are convenient to recycle.

Now you can try any whipped cream recipe by purchasing a whipped cream dispenser, whipped cream charger, and other N2O accessories at Galaxy Gas. Get set to enjoy and fulfill your cravings anytime you want!

Ingredients Of Whipped Cream Dispenser Recipe


whipped cream ingredients

As we have said above, you only need a few ingredients to make the best whipped cream in the dispenser. Here is what you need to go for it.

  1. Whipping cream: You need a minimum amount of 30 percent milkfat to make the cream to be entirely whippable. Decide whether you need heavy cream or whipping cream.
  2. Powdered sugar: The powdered sugar is easily dissolvable into the cream. Plus, the cornstarch gives a better texture to the whip. In fact, you can easily make your own with the help of potato starch, cornstarch or regular granulated sugar.
  3. Vanilla extract or Vanilla paste: To get the best richness and warmth you will need to make the whip remain white mostly, but choose a paste with black vanilla bean flecks.

Replacements & Variations

There are other options for enjoying the whipped cream: Below are some ideas that you can use for making some creative beverages:

  • Vegan/Dairy-Free Whip: Put in the vegan whipping cream that you like for a delicious dairy-free topping.
  • Flavored Whip Cream: Choose vanilla for making a classic flavor, but there are some other flavors that you can experiment with! Try to swap almond extract, and add a dash of maple extract, with double shots of coffee extract. Plus, you can try to add some citrus extracts like lime. If you are a fan of coconut, then you can use it to have an amazing tropical twist.
  • Colored Whipped Cream: You have to add some drops of gel-based food coloring to make something special and dreamy.
  • Sugar-free Whip: If you are on a diet you can make diabetic-friendly desserts by using sugar-free whip. So while making whipped cream add sugar-free powdered alternatives.

Steps Of Whipped Cream Dispenser Recipe

This Galaxy Gas whipped cream recipe takes a few minutes for whip up:

Steps Of Whipped Cream Dispenser Recipe

Step 1: You have to whisk up all the ingredients.

Steps Of Whipped Cream Dispenser Recipe 2

Step 2: Now add the sweetened whipping cream in the whipped cream dispenser.

Steps Of Whipped Cream Dispenser Recipe  3

Step 3: Next up, you have to add the N2O cartridge to the whipped cream dispenser and twist it so there is no chance for the N2O to release out of the dispenser. In this step, you will feel the dispenser get very cold.

Steps Of Whipped Cream Dispenser Recipe 4

Step 4: Lastly, you have to gently shake the dispenser for 15 seconds, now use it to top all your favorite treats. Also, you can have a quick mouth shot because it’s so yummy.

PRO Tips:

  • Always give the new stainless steel whipped cream dispenser a good shake before using it. The next time you visit your favorite coffee shop, take a look at the counter; chances are you'll find many different canisters of whipped cream.
  • Do not skip the first step of whisking. You should use powdered sugar so it dissolves quickly and does not clog the nozzle of the dispenser.
  • After using a certain amount of whipped cream, keep them in the fridge for 3 to 4 days for perfect results. If you notice that the cream is getting firm, then recharge it with a nitrous oxide pod.
  • You should not overfill the dispenser. It is vital to leave some space so it expands after adding N2O.
  • Last and most important tip for ideal results. You have to give a solid shake to the canister and then add it to the ice cream, hot chocolate, mousse, etc. Also, you can add a touch of cocoa powder for a jaw-dropping look.

Try our quick 3-minute whipped cream dispenser recipe of Galaxy Gas. Do not forget to check out our other recipes here. Enjoy!


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