The History of Whipped Cream Infusions

The History of Whipped Cream Infusions

The Discovery of Nitrous Oxide 

Initially, nitrous oxide was discovered by one of Britains foremost chemists and his name was Joseph Priestly. He was also an enlightenment era thinker that drastically opposed the church of England, which eventually led to his exile until death. That was until chemistry prodigy Humphry Davy, a true genius that taught himself French at the age of 14 just to read chemistry textbooks, picked back up the newfound substance and experimented with it heavily. He was the first to consume nitrous oxide (far before whipped cream canisters were even a thing) for a recreational effect as well as research purposes. He constantly recorded himself ingesting the substance and according to friends Davy was consuming nitrous oxide in a compulsive manner. He discovered that numbness and total dissociation could be achieved if enough of the nitrous oxide was consumed, which led to the medical implications of the gas as an anesthetic. The culmination of Davy’s experiments peaked when he locked himself in a sealed container and instructed his fellow scientists to pump it full of pure nitrous oxide until he was unconscious. This took nearly an hour and a half before Davy’s fell unconscious and when he came to again he immediately left the container and consumed 20 more quarts of the gas. After this, he began to yell something along the lines of “I am transcending, I am transcending! Life is pain and pleasure and decisions to be made!”. Surprisingly enough, Davy’s didn’t die and was later knighted for his various achievements regarding the gas. There are no reports of lasting damage from his use of nitrous oxide, but from a personal perspective I see this as highly improbable, as long term compulsive use of the gas as an inhalant causes a vitamin b12 deficiency which in turn causes relatively significant brain damage and neuropathy over time. Anyway… I reviewed the discovery of the gas in order to open up the history and track record of a few of the most experienced nitrous gas infusion companies. This is an interesting aspect when comparing brands and products. What you may find will prove that no two nitrous oxide infusion companies are the same.

The History of Galaxy Gas 

Welcome to the world of Galaxy Gas! Founded in the metro-Atlanta area earlier this year (2021), Galaxy Gas has premium whipped cream dispensers, whipped cream chargers, and all essential whipped cream products ready to improve your culinary experience. With a significant growth in demand of high quality whipped cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers, Galaxy Gas has come to save the day with an efficient and user-friendly website to provide the best culinary experiences!

Immediately recognized as one of the most trusted and reliable sources for nitrous oxide infusions and tanks, Galaxy Gas takes pride in being a top-tier distributor! Galaxy Gas has gained massive popularity for providing a variety of chargers and other culinary devices that will bring your culinary experience to new heights.

Galaxy Gas offers the best range of premium whipped cream dispensers and whipped cream chargers encased in stainless steel to infuse your favorite beverages and dishes! Our products are extremely easy to use, easily dismantled for cleaning, and features an air-tight system that ensures that food safety and quality standards are always exceeded. As well, Galaxy Gas offers flavors that other brands do not have access to so being able to take a blast of mint, blueberry-mango, or strawberry to your favorite dish can change the culinary experience drastically and provide an advantage. 

Beyond premium whipped cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers, Galaxy Gas has a team of infusion connoisseurs creating the best infused recipes for you to try in the kitchen! Our experts take special care in developing every recipe with our products to make sure that what you create in your kitchen is absolutely delicious and delightful. Furthermore, Galaxy Gas always ensures that our products are affordable so even Beginner Chefs can take a shot at infusing recipes with nitrous oxide and fluffy whipped cream.

The History of SupremeWhip 

SupremeWhip offers premium whip cream chargers (nitrous or N2O infusions) on a worldwide scale. SupremeWhip is one of the top tier nitrous oxide/whip cream dispenser distributors in the world, touting a wide array of main offices, most recently featuring a Florida and California location. The parent company to these behemoth nitrous oxide/whipped cream infusion creators is Commerce Enterprises Inc., which has been around for over 60 years. If you’re looking for whip cream chargers near you then this would be your best bet behind Galaxy Gas whip cream infusions simply due to the bi-coastal distribution factories, one in Florida and another in California. SupremeWhip whipped cream infusions are a great culinary tool for the beginner chef or the seasoned professional and offer ease of access and simplicity of use. 

SupremeWhip was started nearly 60 years ago as a simple single center distributor and grew into one of the premium whip cream infusion companies in the world. Offering major offices in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and Europe, SupremeWhip Easily boxed on some of the larger whip cream infusion brands like Whip-It, InfusionMax and others. As culinary professionalism became more prevalent in the early 1970’s, the demand for high quality nitrous oxide infusions increased and that’s when SupremeWhip really gained traction, building and buying multiple distribution factories and sell points. This culinary eruption was fueled by the desire to experiment with different flavors, cocktails, and dishes and nitrous oxide whip cream infusions. Chefs began to implement these devices into regular dishes, drinks, and desserts to great success. Patrons loved a little added whipped cream, it seemed to spice up the dishes regardless of what was actually being served. 

The History of InfusionMax

The History of InfusionMax is a bit difficult to get a handle on, but what I can report is their reputation and practice insofar as whipped ream infusion, nitrous oxide tanks, and whipped cream chargers are concerned. InfusionMax prides themselves on their innovative nature and the manner in which they push culinary ideas and boundaries. As well as the other products we carry, these nitrous tanks and whip cream infusions are of the highest quality. The single use whipped cream chargers are multi-use so you can use them from everything from cocktails to deserts, dishes and entrees. They also support environmental causes and try to lessen their canister impact by using tanks, which saves around 75 single use whipped cream chargers at a time. 

The History of Best Whip

Best Whip was founded in 2001 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and began to develop their expertise around compressed gas products immediately. Best Whip sells whipped cream canisters, nitrous oxide tanks, and various compressed air products as well as different nitrous infusion tanks. They also boast “one of the most sophisticated and modernized facilities on the planet”, which I cannot confirm or deny, but I can say that as Best Whip developed as a company they became known for their passion for nitrous oxide infusions and whipped cream chargers as well a reputation for customer service. 

Best whip boasts a presence in over 50 countries around the world and various big player international distributors. They certify that they possess all of the certifications and quality certificates necessary to conduct business in the compressed gas industry as well as to distribute it throughout the world at the highest standard achievable. These are another great option for culinary implications, as Best Whip whipped cream chargers are some of the highest quality chargers available for infusing various flavors and using those flavors within recipes. The vehicle of nitrous oxide allows for the fluffing of said cream instead of compressed oxygen, which would not have the same effect that the chefs desire. 

Whipped cream canisters are solid ways to increase your culinary expertise, and that’s why a vast majority of chefs need this kind of tool in their kitchen. The history of Best Whip as a whipped cream infusion brand is one of the top tier that we carry here and one of the highest quality nitrous oxide infusions.  



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