Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser – Nitro Pigeon, Beetroot, and Sweet Potato

Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser – Nitro Pigeon, Beetroot, and Sweet Potato
Galaxy Gas Introduction

This delicious and unique starter is sure to get you a few compliments from your guests and family. This recipe is a great start for your evening as it will boost the appetite and make your guests want more of this delicious pigeon meat combined with espuma and other very yummy ingredients. This recipe is one of a kind which includes beetroot, pigeon meat, and sweet potato all in one.

By the time you are dishing this recipe out, your home will be smelling heavenly and a mixture of different ingredients that it will be difficult for your guests to judge what dish is being cooked. Whether it is a meaty dish or a vegetable dish, you are simply cooking plain old beetroots for them. This guessing game will be amazing as it is human nature that the more curious we are, the more we crave for that thing; in this case, it is your delicious recipe.

To prepare this delicious mix of distinct ingredients, you need to spare at least one hour and ten minutes from your busy day. You will have to get an amazing tool with some raw material as we are making it from scratch, and then you have to follow the recipe, and you will have the amazing Nitro Pigeon, Beetroot, and Sweet Potato ready in no time. The Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Canister helps cut out the time to prepare the espuma and gives the sweet potato espuma an amazing texture, color, and a really rich taste that is sure to be a show stopper.

This starter recipe is not completely simple to make. But suppose you are someone who loves experimenting with the ingredients and knows how to use the whipped cream canister and other kitchen utensils. In that case, you can give this recipe a try and have something delicious on the menu without much effort. Without waiting more, let's dive into the recipe and learn how you can make this recipe at your own home.


Galaxy Gas Recipes: Quick Info



Total time for making the recipe

1 hour 10 minutes


10 minutes



Cooking time

1 hour


Multiple Servings


⦁ Whipped Cream Canister
⦁ Whipped Cream Charger


    Galaxy Gas Recipes: Ingredients
    • 4 pigeon breasts
    • 5 sprigs of thyme branch
    • 1 sprig of rosemary
    • 1 piece of juniper
    • 60 ml of vegetable oil
    • 1 bar of butter for sweating
    • 1 tuber of beetroot
    • 150 ml of cassis juice
    • 150 ml of orange juice
    • 1 flower of carnation
    • 1 bay leaf
    • 200 ml of vegetable stock
    • Salt and pepper fresh from the mill as per taste
    • Abrasion of 1 orange (zest of 1 orange)
    • 15 ml of balsamic vinegar
    • 110 grams of cold butter cubes
    • 250 grams of black salsify
    • 60 grams of fresh beech mushrooms
    • 300 grams of sweet potatoes
    • 450 ml of milk
    • 75 grams of butter
    • 50 grams of basic texture
    • 1 piece of nutmeg
    • 8 pieces of cherry tomatoes
    • 60 grams of meat glaze
    • 15 ml of dry red port wine
    • 1 teabag of Earl Grey
    • 1 piece of shallots
    • 400 grams of cleaned celery cubes
    • 200 ml of cream
    Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Steps
    1. To prepare the dove, take sous vide and a vacuum plastic bag and add some oil to the plastic bag. Then add in pigeon breasts, one thyme sprig, and juniper. Cook this mixture in sous vide for 15 minutes at 55 degrees centigrade.
    2. After 15 minutes, take out the contents from the bag and take a pan. In the pan, add some butter, fry the pigeon breast from the skin side, and then keep aside.
    3. To prepare the beetroot, take beetroot and peel it. Then grate the peeled beetroot and take a pan.
    4. Add in vegetable oil and sauté sixty grams of shallots in it. Then add beetroot and cook for three minutes. After three minutes, add in the orange, vegetable stock, and cassis juice, as well as cloves and bay leaf.
    5. Cook this mixture till vegetables are tender but still slightly firm to bite. Then add salt and pepper from the mill as per your taste, abrasion from the orange peel (orange zest), and the vinegar.
    6. In the end, add in 60 grams of cold butter cubes and then form a nock or cam shape of the mixture by using two tablespoons. Place it aside.
    7. To prepare the black salsify, take a bowl, add some flour and water and create a mixture. Peel the salsify and dip it in the flour and water bath and then blanch.
    8. In the pan, sauté some butter, season it with fresh salt and pepper from the mill, and serve the dish with some beech mushrooms.
    9. To prepare the sweet potato espuma, take a pot, add in water and some salt. Boil the sweet potatoes in this salted water till they are soft and allow water to evaporate.
    10. Take another pot, heat 350 ml of milk, add 75 grams of butter and mix the pureed sweet potatoes in the heated milk. Add a little portion of potato water in it, season it with salt and pepper from the mill as per taste, and add in some nutmeg.
    11. Add the basic texturizer to the mixture and combine properly, then strain it. Pour this mixture into the whipped cream canister and then charge it with a single whipped cream charger.
    12. Shake the whipped cream charger at least four to six times, and then place the canister in a bain-marie.
    13. Keep the temperature of the bain-marie warm at 75 degrees centigrade or keep it warm in the water bath. Attach the whipped cream canister with the needle spout and dispense the potato espuma in the baked cherry tomatoes you have previously cooked in the oven.
    14. To prepare the earl grey jus, take the remaining shallots and add them to port wine and tea bags in a pot and boil.
    15. Then add in the meat glaze and remove the tea bag and place 20 grams of cold butter cubes in it.
    16. To prepare the celery purée, take a pot and add in milk and cream with celery cubes. Cook this mixture till the celery cubes are soft, then purée it finely.
    17. Finally, season these softened celery cubes with30 grams of butter cubes, nutmeg, and some salt and pepper fresh from the mill as per your taste.
    18. To dish out, place the celery purée on the dish, then place the dove on one end of the purée and the beetroot in cam form on the other end.
    19. Place a mint leave on the beetroot and place black salsify on the side with the beech mushrooms. Finally, along the side of the black salsify, place the cherry tomatoes and serve immediately!


    Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Extra Information

    What are the benefits of Beetroot?

    There is no doubt that beetroot is amazing for human health. This vegetable helps provide multiple nutrients to the human body without adding any extra calories; it helps with blood pressure levels and decreases the increased blood pressure, helping avoid heart diseases. This vegetable is also great if you are an athlete as it enhances the athletic performance of a human, might help with inflammation in some cases, is known to improve digestive health and metabolism, is good for the brain as well and also have few anti-cancer properties, also helps in balancing out the energy intake of the human body and is very easy to include in your diet.


    What are the benefits of Pigeon Meat?

    Eating pigeon meat is good for humans as it has various benefits that many people do not know about. This meat has a lot of proteins that help in becoming the building block of the body tissues, supports the metabolism, is great when it comes to increasing the function of the immune system, promotes hair and nails health, and also boosts the production of enzymes in our body and attacks exhaustion. Then the pigeon meat contains a high amount of minerals as well which caters to protecting our body from free radicals, increases function of the thyroid, reduces the risk of muscle pain, rheumatoid arthritis, protects the skin from discoloration, helps in reducing the chances of getting cancer and also reduces chances for heart-related diseases. This meat also helps prevent skin diseases, supports cell growth, functions of the immune system, wound healing, sense of smell controls metabolism, is great for stabilizing appetite and blood sugar levels. It also reduces depression and helps with various liver functions.


    What are the benefits of Sweet Potato?

    Many say sweet potatoes are not healthy as they are just potatoes as they do not know the various benefits that these delicious potatoes provide them with. Sweet potatoes are great for preventing vitamin A deficiency, helps manage blood sugar levels, might help manage stress, has inflammatory properties, might help with protecting, preventing, or managing cancer, and is also great for fighting ulcers. This food also helps with various cardiovascular diseases, has antimicrobial properties, improves hair and skin, helps with digestion, regulates blood pressure, improves fertility, is also great for eye health, helps with managing weight, and is easy to add to the diet promotes brain health.


    What is Nock or Cam like?

    Nock or cam is a way of serving different purées and soft serves. It has the shape of a quenelle, and instead of using any other tools to bring out the perfect shape, you can use two tablespoons. To do that, you have to take the thing you want to serve, for example, in this case, the beetroot in one spoon and then join the other spoon with the first one and fill it up and press the beetroot so that it takes the shape of a quenelle and then dish it out on the plate and it is ready to be served.