Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser – Nitro Pulpo, Radish and Wasabi

Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser – Nitro Pulpo, Radish and Wasabi
Galaxy Gas Introduction

Pulpo, Radish and Wasabi is a combination that you might not have ever heard about it. This recipe teaches you how to prepare this unique combo without too many tools or strategies. It is a simple recipe, but due to the complex ingredients, you should work it out extremely carefully so that you can enjoy a restaurant-style and unique meal at your home. This recipe uses wasabi foam with basmati-poppers, infused radish and pulpo, each unique and delicious flavor.

To make this amazing recipe, including pulpo, you have to take around one hour and thirty-five minutes from your busy day. You have to get a few ingredients and a few pieces of handy equipment to create this remarkable Nitro Pulpo, Radish and Wasabi. The Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser cuts the time of this recipe. It helps you infuse, making espuma and more work done with perfect flavours, aroma, colours, and presentation without perfect consistency.

This recipe is very reasonably priced and only has a number of steps you should follow, and you will have this startling recipe ready before you know it. You can easily store and prepare a few ingredients before the actual serving time, as the whipped cream canister helps you keep your espuma fresh and filled with flavours. As a result, you can get a restaurant styled professional dish within a few minutes. This yummy and filled with unlimited flavours recipe can provide you with great applause from your guests as it will provide them with a restaurant experience at your home. Let’s see how the whipped cream cartridges cut the time short and help you prepare this delicious combination.


Galaxy Gas Recipes: Quick Info



Total time for making the recipe

1 hour 35 minutes


5 minutes



Cooking time

1 hour 30 minutes


Multiple Servings


⦁ Whipped Cream Canister
⦁ Whipped Cream Charger


    Galaxy Gas Recipes: Ingredients
    • 600-800g of pulpo
    • 1 peppered onion
    • 1 algae leaf
    • 1 dash of sake
    • 1 sea salt pinch
    • 75 grams of Japanese mayonnaise
    • 5 grams of wasabi paste
    • 80ml of Dashi stock
    • Juice of 1 lemon
    • 1 regular salt pinch
    • 200 grams of black Spanish radish
    • 200 grams of juiced red cabbage
    • 1 tablespoon of sesame oil
    • 1 pinch of salt and pepper
    • 20 grams of basmati rice
    • 1 tablespoon of frying fat or oil
    Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Steps
    1. To prepare Pulpo, take a pot, fill it with water, add spiked onion and pulpo, and cook it properly; add more water if required.
    2. Then take it off the heat after completely cooked and allow it to cool down, then clean properly. Next, place a crown terrine type of form using algae which might be plated, then insert pulpo and then pour a little bit of cooking decoction in it and then close it completely and keep in the fridge for at least twenty-four hours if not more.
    3. Thinly slice the pulp oil trache and marinate it using sake and some sea salt flakes.
    4. To prepare the wasabi espuma, take a bowl and add in some dashi stock, Japanese mayonnaise, wasabi paste, juice of one lemon and a pinch of salt.
    5. Mix the ingredients well, pass it through a filter and funnel, and then transfer the contents into a whipped cream canister.
    6. Screw all the parts on the whipped cream canister properly and screw on a single whipped cream cartridge and charge it with a single whipped cream charger.
    7. As the NO2 is completely released, shake the canister vigorously three to four times and refrigerate it for one to two hours.
    8. To prepare the radish, take a slicer and cut the radish into thin slices by using it. Then fill the radish with red cabbage juice, or you can also add in red beet juice. Place this mixture in a whipped cream canister and place all the parts for a rapid infusion set as per instructions.
    9. Screw on a single whipped cream charger, shake the canister vigorously a few times and let it steep for an hour.
    10. Press the lever after completing the steeping time and release all the gases from inside of the whipped cream canister. Next, unscrew the head of the whipped cream canister and take out the marinated radish.
    11. Then pour in soy sauce and sesame oil in a ratio of fifty by fifty and then marinate the radish further, then season it with some salt and pepper as per your taste.
    12. To prepare the basmati-poppers, take the basmati rice and cook them till they are soft. Then dry the rice properly and fry them in the fat.
    13. To serve, place the pulpo on a serving plate, add some radish, and serve with wasabi espuma on the side and serve immediately!


    Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Extra Information

    What are the benefits of Wasabi?

    Wasabi is a great vegetable known to have antibacterial properties, which helps with curing food poisoning, might help with curing infections in the stomach and intestines, peptic ulcers, cancers and more such diseases. Then it also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help with protecting the immune system from getting inflammations due to infections, injuries, toxins and more and help with healing the body. Wasabi is great when it comes to weight loss as the edible leaves of the plant are known to suppress the formation and growth of the fat cells helping you with losing weight. This vegetable has been studied for many years. The nutrients it provides, and its compositions can also help prevent or cure the carcinogenic cells and hold anti-cancer properties. This vegetable is also great for bone health and brain health and is very easy to add to your diet.


    What are the benefits of Black Spanish Radish?

    Black Spanish radish is great when it comes to boosting health and having home remedies for skin and hair. This radish is beneficial when it comes to overall skin health as it brightens and removes impurities from your skin as it has great amounts of vitamin B complex, zinc and more chemicals. It provides youthful-looking skin and possesses anti-ageing properties, and it is great when it comes to removing blackheads, black spots, blemishes, acne marks and more such infections from your face and body. Wasabi is great for skin and helps reduce hair fall to a great amount, It is a great vegetable to balance out oil and dryness of the scalp, and it also helps boost the functions of the liver. This radish is excellent when it comes to healing respiratory infections such as cold and cough and is known to cure the grave's disease, also known as hyperthyroidism, is excellent to improve digestion and also reduces cholesterol formation and decreases the risk of heart attacks and can also help with bloating and acidity problems. In addition, this radish fights against gallbladder and kidney stones, is rich in antioxidants, helps prevent and cure scurvy, promotes mental alertness, and has many other benefits, including prevention from cancer.


    What is Japanese Mayonnaise?

    Japanese mayonnaise is different from traditional American mayonnaise as it uses only egg yolks and not complete eggs, which is the tradition of traditional American mayonnaise. You can make this recipe at home by separating egg yolks from egg whites and keep aside. Then combine rice vinegar, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, sugar and salt in a small mixing bowl. Then take an electric blender and add in this mixture from the bowl and egg yolks. Next, pulse the blender and add in a small amount of oil repeat this step till the complete vegetable oil has been added to the mixture and the whole mixture has emulsified into a creamy consistency. Now the mayonnaise is ready to be served and used.