Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipe: Truffle Hollandaise Sauce

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipe: Truffle Hollandaise Sauce

Galaxy Gas Introduction

Did you know Hollandaise a French-based sauce and is an emulsion of water-in-oil? This means that the water remains immersed in the oil without getting dissolved. In comparison to mayonnaise, you use butter in Hollandaise while oil in mayonnaise. Another difference is that the mayonnaise is served cold while Hollandaise is served hot. The Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipe: Truffle Hollandaise Sauce takes traditional Hollandaise sauce and infuses it into a light, mouth-watering consistency. By using a Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser and Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Charger, you will be able to keep the sauce fresh until the time of its serving. It also aerates the hollandaise sauce so that it becomes soft and delicate in texture.

Galaxy Gas Recipes: Quick Info



Cook time

20 Minutes


20 Minutes


10-15 Servings

⦁ Whipped Cream Canister
⦁ Whipped Cream Charger

Galaxy Gas Recipes: Ingredients

  • Butter – 1 cup
  • Truffle oil or truffle butter – 4 tbsp.
  • Stock – ½ cup
  • Vinegar – 2 tsp
  • Lemon juice – 2 tsp
  • White wine – 2 tsp
  • Egg yolks – 4
  • Eggs – 4
  • Xanthan gum – 0.4 tsp


Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Steps

  1. In a saucepan, melt the butter over medium-low heat.
  2. Then add stock, vinegar, lime juice, wine, and spices.
  3. Then add the eggs and the yolks Pour into the Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser and charge with 1 Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Charger.
  4. Shake for approximately 12 times and dispense.

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Extra Information

Is Making a Hollandaise Sauce Difficult?

Hollandaise Sauce is one of the world’s classical sauces that are not easy to create. It goes well with lobsters, shrimps, crab, and scallops. With its French origination, its preparation is challenging. Traditionally it only requires a whisk and a bowl which is kept over a double boiler, and the ingredients are whisked constantly for 15 minutes. If you cook the mixture on high heat, you will get scrambled eggs. On the other hand, cooking this mixture on a very low flame will cause your sauce to remain too thin. If cooled too quickly, the butter will split. If your whisking isn’t enough, the sauce will not emulsify. Most of the traditional chefs prefer the old-school method of making Hollandaise Sauce which involves a hand whisk. However, modernized equipment has made the process easier and quicker.

What Ingredients are required for Hollandaise Sauce?

The basic recipe of Hollandaise sauce contains the following simple ingredients:

Egg Yolks: You will require large eggs for extracting their yolks. Eggs weighing approximately 2 oz are a good choice as their yolks are sufficient to emulsify all the butter present in the recipe.

Butter: It is the second most important ingredient used in Hollandaise sauce. Lemon Juice: It adds a pleasantly tart flavor to the sauce. In the restaurant-quality classical Hollandaise sauce, this tart flavor is due to flavoring-induced vinegar.

Additional Tips: It is better to use refrigerated eggs to separate the yolks. Cold eggs have tighter yolks, and they separate easily. However, when preparing the recipe, it is better to bring the yolks at room temperature. Using cold yolks directly in the recipe may create lumps, or the sauce may get split. For emulsification, the ingredients should be at a similar temperature. Hollandaise sauce is served warm. Therefore, the eggs should also be warm instead of cold.

How to Store and Reheat Hollandaise Sauce?

The sauce tastes best when it is served fresh. Reheating the sauce may overcook the eggs. There are two ways of reheating a Hollandaise sauce, which you can follow with a bit of precaution.

Microwave: Take a glass bowl and pour the Hollandaise sauce in it. Heat in the microwave for 15 seconds. Repeat if required.

Stove Top: Take a thick bottomed pan, pour the sauce in it, and heat on a low flame. Add a little bit of boiling water and melted butter to re-emulsify the sauce. Beat the mixture until it gets smooth, and pour it into the bowl.