So You're New to Whipped Cream Infusions

So You're New to Whipped Cream Infusions

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Many people may know Nitrous Oxide as laughing gas from going to the dentist because it’s been a great tool for dentists for nearly 200 years. Though, this medical grade nitrous varies from the kind that we infuse with whipped cream chargers. What’s the difference you ask? Well, the medical grade nitrous oxide is cut with oxygen somewhere around a 2:1 ration, usually 70% nitrous and 30% oxygen (to keep you alive!). The kind of nitrous in whipped cream chargers are only nitrous oxide without oxygen, usually with an additive involved as well. 

The whipped cream chargers we’re discussing here are the pure, single use whipped cream chargers or, if you get the larger 580-1100g tanks with the regulator, you can refill your whipped cream dispenser directly without using as much waste. Again, maybe you’re wondering “how the hell did nitrous get in my whipped cream”, but the answer is simple: nitrous is a neutral gas that leaves no flavor or aftertaste in the whipped cream itself, not to mention that it’s highly soluble in fat. This makes it the perfect addition to your homemade whipped cream recipe. As well, when whisking homemade cream oxygen only fluffs your cream by two times, while nitrous fluffs the cream up to four times its original size. 

What is Nitrous?

As I previously mentioned, nitrous is a colorless, odorless gas often times utilized by dentistry or medical patients to cause sedation and pain relief. Nitrous entered into the culinary game as higher quality oxygen alternative, often times doing what oxygen does, only better. You’ve probably noticed this in your favorites coffee and even beer. It can be used for illicit abuse, but we do not condone the inhalation any Galaxy Gas or nitrous products.

Nitrous is also what’s known as an inert gas, which simply means that under certain conditions it isn’t reactive with any other chemicals and can be added to food or whipped cream safely. This makes it the perfect culinary gas!



What Are Nitrous Infusions or Whipped Cream Chargers?

Nitrous infusions or whipped cream chargers are simply nitrous oxide, usually about 8 grams, and stuffed into a steel cylinder for a single use. These canisters are placed into the cap of a whipped cream dispenser, then rocketed into the dispenser ready to fluff the hell out of your whipped cream! Atop the slender end of the single use cylinder is a foiled tip that is punctured by the interior pin in the dispenser and then forced into the barrel of the whipped cream dispenser. The nitrous used in these single use cylinders is also used as an oxidizing agent in the newest hybrid rocket engines. 

For larger consumers of nitrous whipped cream infusions, such as high volume restaurants, a much larger tank and a regulator should be utilized. This is the case for whipped cream dispensers and infusions because of the wear and tear on your dispenser after repeated use, not to mention the waste created. Although, in most cities where steel recycling programs are set up these canisters are 100% recyclable. 

At home use doesn’t usually call fo such immense capacity for nitrous or whipped cream infusions, so a simple single cylinder and whipped cream dispenser system would be an adequate and perfect fit for at home use. 

What Do You Use Whipped Cream Chargers For?

As I previously mentioned, whipped cream chargers are used for for everything from crafting your own homemade, decadent whipped cream to its use as a sedation agent in the medical and dentistry fields. Some abuse it as a recreational substance, but again, we DO NOT condone any illicit uses of our culinary tool. 

Do Grocery Stores Sell Whipped Cream Chargers?

Yes! As of late grocery stores ranging from Walmart to Kroger, but specifically gourmet stores are carrying whipped cream infusions. If you’re able to purchase a little bit of a higher quality cooking materials usually you’re going to be able to find whipped cram chargers. They’re sold under a few different brand names like E-Z Whip, ISI, and many more. You must still be over the age of 18 to purchase any of these canisters in most head and smoke shops, but grocery locations vary by store.

Otherwise, whipped cream set ups and dispensers can be found in XXX stores and smoke shops and head shops, but to find a better deal the best suggestion is to look online. Shipping may be a bit costly, but often times you can get these bad boys shipped right to your doorstep for a discreet and reliable pick up.

Can Whipped Cream Chargers Explode?

Contrary to popular belief, the nitrous in whipped cream chargers is not flammable. This means that for it to be considered an accelerant in a fire the temperature would have to reach over 550 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to erupt from pressure be placed under and immense and exact amount of pressure

Is It Legal to Order Whipped Cream Chargers?

Again, contrary to popular belief whipped cream chargers are not and have never been illegal. It is in fact illegal to sell whipped cream chargers under the intention of use as a mind altering substance, but operating under the understanding that they will be used for culinary purposes is 100% legal.

In order to ship nitrous oxide or whipped cream cylinders effectively they must be carefully packaged in an airplane under a special permit with special permissions, so this could bump up your shipping receipt a bit more than you’re willing to pay. This is why it’s always a great idea to do comparison shopping in person and online because the variation in price and what influences it may surprise you! 

As far as shipping is concerned, Galaxy Gas has the lowest rates for the highest quality of whipped cream infusions on the market so make sure to check out the product page here.

Best Whipped Cream Brands

Best Whip Plus (allow images)

Best Whip Plus

Starting at 17.99 per 24 pack

As far as bang for your buck is concerned, Best Whip Plus is a great option because you’re actually getting 8.5 grams of nitrous per whipped cream cylinder compared to the average of 7.8-8 grams per cylinder. This affords you a few extra canisters at the end of the day, which is always welcomed. The taste of Best Whip plus is a little sweet so it will even add a little extra richness to your homemade whipped cream. 

Galaxy Gas Original

Galaxy Gas

Starting at 24.99 for a 50 Pack

Galaxy gas is a relatively new name on the market, but that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to quality and reputation. Galaxy Gas is known for offering additive-free, pure nitrous infusions at the lowest prices on the market, plus you can even purchase 550 gram and 1100 gram tanks with a regulator and fill your whipped cream dispenser directly from the tank. Founded in the Atlanta, Georgia, Galaxy Gas offers the widest selections of flavored gasses, too!

Supreme Whip (allow images)

Supreme Whip

Starting at 15.99 per 24 pack

Supreme Whip Ultra-Pure are probably the lowest tier out of all of the brands mentioned today. Still high quality, these are for our bargain shoppers that can sacrifice a bit of quality in order to cut costs. Supreme Whip still offers good quality whipped cream infusions, but when compared to both Galaxy Gas and Best Whip, Supreme Whip just falls a tad bit short. A small plus that comes with these whipped cream chargers is the .2 grams extra per whipped cream charger that Supreme Whip packs into every cylinder.  

Our Favorite Products 

Blueberry Mango Galaxy Gas

Galaxy Gas Infusion Singles: Blueberry Mango

Starting at 24.99 per 50 pack

This relatively new product from Galaxy Gas is a personal favorite for nearly everyone on staff here at Galaxy Gas specifically for the taste and pure quality of nitrous within the single use cylinders. For a 100 pack of these tasty whipped cream infusions you’re only looking at about $49.99 so this is already of a significantly better price than many of its competitors. The cylinders are crafted from stainless steel and available in both 50 & 100 packs. Let the refreshing mango and exhilarating blueberry invigorate every dish you garnish with this incredible whipped cream. 

Special Blue Dispenser (allow Images)

Special Blue Whipped Cream Dispenser

Starting at $59.99

The Special blue Whipped Cream Dispenser is a useful tool to add to your repertoire! The rubberized dispenser comes in four color ways, one of which is camouflage, and the head gasket is a glossy chrome. This is for your more experienced culinary experts and whipped cream infusion enthusiasts, as it comes with four different nozzles for varying effects on the fluffy cream during the garnishing process. The tool adds a whole different layer of flavor and style to your whipped cream experience! 

Galaxy Gas Infusion Dispenser (allow images)

Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispensers

Looking for a little bit of a discount in your whipped cream dispenser? This is a great starter dispenser for the beginner whipped cream enthusiast for a few reasons. First, this is a simple, pint-sized dispenser great for one person, but not the highest quality available. It is made from eco-friendly stainless steel with corrosion protection. This dispenser is in fact machine washable, although the head gasket and top pieces must be washed by hand

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