Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipe: Eggplant with Shiro Miso Glaze and Honey Foam

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipe: Eggplant with Shiro Miso Glaze and Honey Foam

Galaxy Gas Introduction

Vegetables can taste amazing, and this dish is proof of it. With its intense, rich and extremely delicious taste, this Japanese dish called “Nasu dengaku” will surely impress you. Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipe: Eggplant with Shiro Miso Glaze and Honey Foam is a classic Japanese delicacy that is served as a vegan side dish. To prepare this vegetarian recipe, eggplants are sliced in half (preferably the small-sized ones as they are abundantly found in Japan). Then the eggplants are broiled or pan-roasted just to perfection, and the broiled eggplants are brushed with a tempting sweet and savory glaze made from misu. The final flavor of this dish is savory, sweet, and smoky.

The Japanese word “Nasu Dengaku” translates into “eggplant grilled over fire,” and that is how it is made in Japan. We have given a unique twist to the traditional Japanese “Nasu dengaku’ recipe by topping it with a honey foam whipped up in our Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser. You will certainly love the sweet and tender slices of broiled eggplant with a honeyed miso glaze – it is incredibly easy and simply irresistible.

Galaxy Gas Recipes: Quick Info



Cook time

25 Minutes


15 Minutes


10 Servings

⦁ Whipped Cream Canister
⦁ Whipped Cream Charger

Galaxy Gas Recipes: Ingredients

  • Eggplant – 1 large or four small
  • Shiro miso (white miso)
  • Honey – 1 tablespoon
  • Mirin – 1 tablespoon
  • Soy sauce – 1 tablespoon
  • Grated ginger – 1 teaspoon
  • Vegetable oil – 3 tablespoons
  • Salt – to taste
  • Fresh mint leaves – for garnishing
  • Gold leaf gelatin – 1
  • Honey – 2 tablespoons (elderflower or wildflower)
  • Lemon juice – 1 tablespoon

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Steps

  1. In a bowl, take cold water and soak the gelatin sheet in it.
  2. Take a saucepan and boil two tablespoon of water, dissolve the gelatin in it.
  3. Add lemon juice and honey and stir until well-combined.
  4. Pour this mixture in a 0.5 L Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser and charge with one Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Charger to infuse this recipe.
  5. Shake vigorously and keep in the fridge for at least two hours.
  6. During the resting period, you have to take the whipped cream dispenser out from the fridge and shake it thoroughly after every twenty minutes to prevent the gelatin from setting inside the dispenser.
  7. Cut the eggplant into halves or large steaks (if it is a large one).
  8. Rinse the eggplant and apply a generous layer of salt over it. Let it rest in a colander for about half an hour.
  9. Drain their water and rinse again thoroughly to remove all the salt and moisture present on their surface.
  10. Brush with two tablespoons of oil and set aside.
  11. Add miso, mirin, ginger, honey, and soya sauce in a pan, add one tablespoon of oil, and heat this mixture.
  12. Let it rest for one hour.
  13. Take a flat grill pan or broiler and cook the eggplant for 2 – 3 minutes on both sides. Then brush with the miso glaze and cook both sides again for three more minutes.
  14. Serve on a plate, brush with miso glaze and dispense the honey foam from Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser on the top of each piece.

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Extra Information

What is Mirin?

Sometimes, make tablespoons when you view the ingredients list of any Japanese dish, such as salmon teriyaki; you may wonder, “What is mirin, anyways?” If you have ever eaten a Japanese dish, you must have experienced a certain umami flavor that is not related to the basic ingredients. It comes from mirin which adds a characteristic sweetness, subtle tang, and unexplainable richness to any dish in which it is added.

Why is making this dish considered difficult?

The essence of making this perfectly is roasting, baking, or broiling the eggplant to just the right level of doneness. No one will prefer a mushy, overcooked, or burnt eggplant. On the other hand, eating raw eggplant may be disappointing. While your eggplant is on the stove or in the oven, you have to remain attentive. Leaving it alone at this stage may cause all your efforts to get wasted.

How long can you preserve this dish in the fridge?

The eggplant with Shiro miso paste stays good in the fridge for up to 4 – 5 days if kept in an airtight container.

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