Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipe: Whipped Sabayon with Strawberries

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipe: Whipped Sabayon with Strawberries

Galaxy Gas Introduction

Sabayon is an airy and light Italian dessert that has a mouth-melting texture. The Marsala wine imparts a nutty aroma and a sweet caramel taste to this mouth-watering delicacy. You can top eat with sweetest berries or any other seasonal fruits. The Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipe: Whipped Sabayon with Strawberries is perfect for all occasions, whether it’s simply a weekend party or a Christmas dinner. All you need is a whisk or a hand mixer, a Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser, and Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Chargers. When you use your Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser, you can make the Sabayon hours before serving it. It remains perfectly airy and light till the time it is served.

Galaxy Gas Recipes: Quick Info



Cook time

20 Minutes


5 Minutes


6 Servings

⦁ Whipped Cream Canister - 1
⦁ Whipped Cream Chargers - 2

Galaxy Gas Recipes: Ingredients

  • Egg yolks - 4 large
  • Sugar - ¼ cup and 2 tbsp
  • Dry Marsala wine - ¼ cup
  • Strawberries - 5-7 chopped

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Steps

  1. Pour water into a saucepan, heat it on a low flame and bring it to simmer.
  2. Take another bowl, whisk egg yolks and sugar together.
  3. Set this bowl over the saucepan with hot water and continue to whisk till the egg yolk mixture becomes foamy and hot.
  4. After about 5 minutes, add the Marsala cook gradually while whisking this mixture.
  5. When the sabayon becomes thickened it, will start leaving a ribbon trail upon lifting the whisk.
  6. Don’t overcook the mixture, or it will become curdled.
  7. Turn off the flame and let the sabayon cool.
  8. At this stage, you can pour this sabayon in your 1-pint Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser. Seal it and charge with one Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Charger following the given instructions.
  9. Shake well to infuse Nitrous Oxide gas in the Sabayon perfectly.
  10. Repeat using an additional Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Charger if desired.
  11. Refrigerate until you need to serve.
  12. To dispense the Sabayon, take out the Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser from the refrigerator, hold it upside down, and shake well. Dispense in the serving dish by pressing the lever.

Galaxy Gas Nitrous Recipes: Extra Information

How to Make a Perfect Sabayon?

After testing several Sabayon recipes in our kitchens, we have learned that creating a perfect Sabayon requires skills and experience. Even the simplest recipes may be the most difficult ones when it comes to the final product.

Here we have listed some essential tips that you must follow if you are a beginner in making Sabayon. These tips will ensure that your Sabayon recipe turns out to be a success.

Test your eggs for freshness:
Before you start making Sabayon, you must have very fresh eggs. Egg yolks are the main ingredient in a Sabayon, and their freshness matters a lot in determining the taste of your Sabayon.

If you don’t have fresh eggs, you can perform a simple test to check them. Pour water into a bowl and place your eggs in it. If the eggs sink, they are perfect. Don’t use eggs that float on the surface of the water.

Keep all your ingredients at room temperature:
It’s not a good idea to use refrigerated eggs directly into the recipe. Bring them at room temperature before you use them for making the Sabayon.

Use Real Marsala:
Use the real Sicilian fortified wine to impart a sweet and nutty taste to your Sabayon. Alternatively use Moscato wine if you don’t have Marsala wine.

Don’t overcook the Sabayon:
Cooking the Sabayon for longer than required will make it curdle.

Stop cooking when you reach 160 F:
It is always better to use a thermometer while preparing the sabayon. The optimum temperature for cooking eggs is 160F. Once the Sabayon reaches this temperature, you should remove it from heat. The eggs will continue to cook for a while after being taken off from the stove. In case you feel you have overcooked the mixture, use an ice bath to cool it immediately.

Don’t stop whisking at any point:
Whisking the mixture continuously is essential to avoid lumps. It also prevents the mixture from sticking to the bottom of your bowl.

You can add heavy cream for a rich texture:
But be careful not to overbeat the heavy cream. If you beat it too stiff, your mixture will break. You need to whisk your cream to the point that it forms soft peaks.

Sabayon should be consumed fresh:
It tastes best when stored in the refrigerator for a few hours while it’s still in a charged Galaxy Gas Whipped Cream Dispenser. However, if you keep it for more than 24 hours, it will lose its fresh taste and texture.